New and Featured Products.
 PEM Aluminum and Stainless Steel MicroPEM® TackSert® Pins for Compact Electronics
 Aluminum and stainless steel microPEM® TackSert® pins from PennEngineering® provide cost-effective alternatives to micro screws for attaching top panels to base panels or chassis in compact electronic assemblies. They will attach top panels of any material to a base or chassis manufactured from common cast metals (such as magnesium and aluminum) or plastics (such as ABS and printed circuit boards). The pins ultimately eliminate many of the costs and issues associate with screws and integrate unique design features promoting reliable and effective performance.
TackSert® pins offer multiple advantages over screws by eliminating needs for mating threads from tapped holes or inserts and the rework frequently required due to screw cross-threading and driver bit “cam-out”. Patches intended to prevent fastener loosening in service are unnecessary.
Among design features, a tapered tip assists in pin location during the installation process, a specially engineered diagonal broaching knurl (instead of threads) creates a firm interference fit without hole-tolerance issues, and a low-profile head minimized protrusion on the top panel.
The TackSert® fastener family includes TK4™ pins (400 Series stainless steel) fro broaching into castings, brittle materials, printed circuit boards, and plastics and TKA™ aluminum pins for broaching into printed circuit boards and plastics. The fasteners are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate a range of top panel thicknesses. Press-in installation without heat or ultrasonics is achieved simply by preparing properly sized mounting holes in the top sheet and base panel or chassis, placing the pin through the hole in the top sheet and into the through or blind mounting hole of the base panel, and then applying sufficient squeezing force using punch and anvil until the head of the pin contact the top sheet. Pins can even be installed automatically for high volume jobs.
Detailed specifications, fastener drawing and 3D models, and performance data can be found HERE




 Optinovas’ Customized FEP Heat Shrink Solutions 


FEP heat shrink tubing is used in various medical applications. FEP’s beneficial properties, such a lubricity, clarity, chemical resistance as well as favorable anti-stick surface makes it an excellent choice for reflow processing of catheter shafts, coating surgical instruments, encapsulation, dielectric, insulation, etc.

Optinova offer two versions of heat shrink tubing, 1.6: FEP HS & FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0. Both versions are available in customized sizes and from our stock of specially selected dimensions.

1.6:1 FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

The 1.6:1 FEP HS from Optinova is a cost effective heat shrink solution, utilizing Optinova’s trademark of a high quality, consistent extrusion for medical devices. Recommended shrink temperatures from 200°C (390°F)

Features & Benefits 

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Low gas permeability
  • Excellent transmission of UV Rays
  • Excellent electrical insulation values
  • Sterilization compatibility: Gamma, ETO, e-beam and autoclave


FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 Heat Shrink Tubing

Unique features of the FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 are the fast shrinking process that gives shorter production cycle and lower production costs. Also, FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 has a low and adjustable shrink temperature between 80°C-170°C (176°F-338°F). The low shrink temperature makes FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 an ideal solution for processing of materials with low melt temperature as overheating can be avoided.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid shrinking process
  • Cost-Saving product design
  • Lower shrinking temperature
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Low gas permeability
  • Excellent transmission of UV rays
  • Excellent electrical insulation values
  • Sterilization compatibility: Gamma, ETO, e-beam and autoclave

Optinova has built its recognition in the medical tubing field around high quality and batch-to-batch consistency.


For more detailed information: CLICK HERE



 MEGA’s Medical Power Supplies Now Meet Upcoming UL Standards

All new medical power supplies need to pass 60601-1-2 4th edition starting December 31, 2018.  Click here for the link to the new MEGA  Electronics catalog for the new 60601-1-2 4th edition power supplies.

These new standards will impact medical device manufacturers as well as the power supply manufacturers.  Although the transition date is now set for December 31, 2018, UL Medical EMC experts advise that FDA’s publication “Design Considerations for Devices Intended for Home Use –Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff” suggests using the 4th edition of IEC 60601-1-2 for Home Healthcare environments now to cover test levels which may not be appropriately addressed in the 3rd edition.

Following are the details on the updated standards:

Key Changes

Following are some of the key changes in the 4th edition.
Use environments are split into three areas:
• Professional Healthcare Facility Environment
• Home Healthcare Environment
• Special Environment

Small clinic and Home Use Equipment

  • Need CISPR 11 Class B emission, IEC 61000-3-2 Class A harmonic distortion, and IEC 61000-3-3 voltage fluctuation and flicker.
  • The home use equipment needs 10 V/m, 80 MHz to 1 GHz immunity.

Equipment installed in an aircraft or an ambulance

  • Additional testing per ISO 7137 and CISPR 25 applies.

For an EUT with auto ranging power supply

  • Most tests are required to be performed at one nominal voltage only.
  • Only voltage interruptions need to be performed at maximum and minimum voltage if the rated voltage range is >25% of lowest rated input voltage.

Immunity Test Levels

Immunity test levels increase:
• The range of testing for radiated immunity harmonized up to 2.7GHz (up from 2.5GHz in the 3rd edition)
• Magnetic immunity at 30A/m
• Conducted immunity at 6V in ISM bands
• ESD at 8kV contact and 15kV air (up from 6kV and 8kV in the 3rd edition)
• Voltage dips and interruptions at additional phase angles

In addition to these Immunity changes:
• Immunity levels harmonized with IEC 60601-1-11
• Immunity testing now follows the same port-by-port convention of the IEC 61000-6 series of Generic EMC standards
• Immunity to proximity fields from RF wireless communications equipment is now included, and is based on a minimum separation distance of 30cm
• There is a procedure for continuing to test a product that is damaged by an immunity test signal

And risk management is expanded:

  • Manufacturers will be required to submit a test plan and the risk analysis document before testing
    • Operating modes are based on risk analysis
    • Reasonably foreseeable electromagnetic disturbances (Annex F) shall be taken into account in the risk management process
    • The risk management process is used to determine whether subsystem testing is allowed
    • The minimum separation distance are considered in the risk management process
    • Reduced test levels (e.g. based on the intended use of the product) must be justified in the risk management file


CLICK HERE to go to MEGA’s Website


 Fath’s New Height Adjustable 4 & 5 Axis Monitor Stands


DESCRIPTION Ready-to use monitor support with flanged fixation plate for attaching on vertical or horizontal aluminum profiles;
(vertically) pivotable 360°;
for monitors with standard VESA Connection (VESA 75 and 100);
adjustable load 2 – 10 kg
MATERIAL Mounting plate VESA, removable: Steel / plastics
Monitor support: Die-cast aluminum
Cable management cover: Plastics
Bearing washers and sleeves: Plastics
Assembly flange: Die-cast aluminum
Assembly adapter: Die-cast aluminum
Screws: Steel
SURFACE Mounting plate VESA, removable: Laquered
Monitor support: Laquered
Assembly flange: Laquered
Assembly adapter: Laquered
Screws: Zinc plated
COLOR Mounting plate VESA, removable: Alu color / black
Monitor support: Alu color
Cable management cover: Black
Bearing washers and sleeves: Black
Assembly flange: Alu color
Assembly adapter: Alu color
SET 1 mounting plate VESA inclusive 4 screws – M4 x 12, cross slot
1 monitor support 4-axis with cable management cover
1 assembly flange
1 assembly screw DIN 6912 – M8 x 25
1 assembly adapter
2 assembly screws DIN 6912 – M8 x 16
1 hexagon key, SW 3
1 hexagon key, SW 4

For More Information on the 4-Axis & 5-Axis CLICK HERE

EMT Now Representing Wall Industries in Eastern Canada-

Wall Industries offers standard, modified-standard (semi-custom) and fully custom power supply and converter design capabilities. Converter and power supply designs and products fall in line with industry specific manufacturing and design standards including: Cisper specifications, UL60601-1 and Mil-Std-1275 for Military Vehicle standards, to name a few.


Wall prides themselves in their ability to modify standard power devices and deliver high-performing custom power solutions in the quantities you require. With complete design and engineering services, short turn-around times and a genuine eagerness to help you, should you get to know Wall better?


(Click on any icon below to learn more about that particular industry products)

 Radiall’s New Microwave Power Dividers up to 26.5 GHz

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Radiall’s new offer of coaxial power dividers is perfectly suited for integration in systems that require power division or combination of radio frequency signals.

Designed for military systems like airborne/ground radar and instrumentation equipment (RF bench test), this new range of products offers high RF performance in terms of VSWR, maximum power and admissible phase. The range is MIL STD202 compliant and highly robust in order to provide reliable environmental performance. This offer provides a full range of power dividers that includes:

  • 220 MHz to 26.5 GHz frequency available
  • Octave band & wide band
  • 2/3/4/6/8 ways
  • SMA female connectors
  • Possibility to use as power combiner (Wilkinson design)
  • Customization available on demand

The coaxial divider range is part of Radiall’s global Test & Measurement offer which includes high performance switches, Test Pro cable assemblies, and platinum terminations and attenuators.


Click her to learn more

 Pentair / Schroff Presentas Schroff CAD Program




 EMT Now Representing Stock Drive Products in Michigan

SDP/SI is a leading manufacturer of small mechanical components and assemblies, servicing a wide variety of industries. Quotes, Online Orders, and 3D CAD models are available on their updated e-stores for each of their brands:

StockDrive Products / Sterling Instruments

QTC Metric Gears

Quality Bearings and Components

Stock Drive offers over 100,000 power transmission components, including gears, belt and chain drives, shafts, shaft accessories, bearings, couplings, universal joints, vibration mounts, miscellaneous components, hardware, gear heads and speed reducers, right angle drives, brakes and clutches, motors and gear mounts.

Tech-Etch’s New Photo Etched Fine MicroEtch® Screens-

MicroEtch® Screens are manufactured by Tech-Etch using photo-etching or photo chemical milling technology. Unlike stamping, photo-etching yields a burr-free product resulting in cleaner more efficient screens with greater material integrity. These superior quality screens feature tighter tolerance hole sizes and greater dimensional stability than woven wire mesh, which makes them ideal in applications requiring frequent cleaning or in devices where there is mechanical contact.

Unlike woven wire mesh screens, the fixed photo-etched opening will not change through use. Photo-etching also enables designers to specify a conical hole, which facilitates liquid filtration and back flow cleaning.

Typical Applications of MicroEtch® Screens are filters used in the medical market, hydraulic valve screens, fuel filters, laser light filter, extruding screens, as well as particle separation and sizing. These tight tolerance screens are primarily produced from Stainless steel, but other materials are available.

For more information Click Here.



Radiall’s First Aerospace QuickMating Connector Range-

Designed for in-line disconnect applications on commercial aircrafts and business jets, QM series is the first aerospace QuickMating connector range. The QM series is widely used in today’s market due to its compact design, quick installation features and high aerospace performance.

This solution provides the following to EWIS systems:

-Time saving with a tool-less connector

-Weight savings with a composite connector mounted on a unique rail system

-Cost effectiveness with a limited number of components through the use of EPX™ contacts and a versatile range of modular inserts


QM series is available in several shell formats- QM size A and size B, in order to optimize density and weight in the wiring system. QM shells also allow easy installation with a unique range of mounting device, this range includes stand alone devices and single and double sided rails.

The combination of reduced weight, compact size and intelligent and intuitive design create an ultra light connection requiring only fingertips for quick and easy connector mating. With the flexibility of EPX™ series parts combined with the innovation of QM series, customers receive a cost effective and user friendly solution.


For more info Click Here



EMT Now Representing Optinova-


Optinova is a world leaders in precision extrusion of tubing for medical applications. Examples for medical include fluoropolymer extrusions and a wide variety of thermoplastics. Optinova also specializes in industrial applications. Examples for extruded tubing solutions range from the smallest tubes in electrical and automotive industries, to large diameter chemically inert tubes used in production industry.

Extrusion Capabilities:

Precision extrusion for the medical device industry, with tight tolerances and diameter range from “as thin as it get” to 12mm. The excellent production in clean-room facilities, or controlled environment, is a prerequisite for Optinova being a trusted partner when delivering components and products for medical applications.


*Fluropolymers and thermoplastic fluropolymers

*Thermoplastic polymer and elastomers



Industrial Capabilities & Products

-Anti-static (PTFE & PFA)

-Striped PTFE

-Printed PTFE

-Fabricated Tubing


-Heat Shrink

-NSF Approved Tubing

-UL Certified Tubing



To learn more about Optinova Click Here


PEM TY-D Self-Clinching Cable Tie Mounts and Hooks-

Learn more about some of the new and innovative products we represent.

PEM® TY-D® Self-Clinching cable tie-mounts and hooks create secure metal attachment points for mounting wires and cables to electronic chassis or enclosures. The hardware installs quickly and reliably in thin steel or aluminum panels, eliminates any need for screws or adhesives and can be positioned permanently at specified locations and angles to promote optimized layouts. On the reverse side of hardware installation, panels remain smooth without protrusions to enhance the appearance of an assembly, maintain clearance requirements, and protect against potential EMI / RFI interference or contamination of electronics by dirt or dust.

PEM® TY-D® hardware includes TD™ cable tie-mounts and TDO™ hooks. Both types are RoHS compliant and offered in several sizes for installation in metal panels as thin a .040″ / 1.02mm and as thick as .125″ / 3.18mm.

TD™ tie-mounts allow users to slide ties easily through the hardware’s “eye” for fast cable mounting. TDO™ hooks enable users to attach, remove, and return tie-bundled wires at their mounting points when components need to be accessed for service or when wires or cables must be replaced. The hook feature allows ties to remain intact and wires to remain wrapped.


For detailed specs and performance details, fastener drawings, and models Click Here


Insul-Fab’s Interface Materials-

With increased miniaturization of electronic components and increased circuit density, today’s electronics generate more heat than ever, and this trend continues at a rapid pace. Typical examples included handheld computing equipment, user interface devices, medical and lighting devices, and power inverters. The basic solution is to transfer heat from the heat source to a frame, chassis, heat sink or other type of heat spreader for diffusion. The important material property is thermal conductivity, which enables heat and energy transfer. But ease of installation and rework are also important considerations.

The Problem-

If heat is not carried away from an electronic device, the reliability and operational lifetime of the component can be significantly reduced. Heat sinks and fans are standard mechanical solutions, but interface materials between the heat source and the heat sink can play a significant role in efficiently removing heat as well. There are several different types of materials than can be used, based upon the application. Thermal greases, glues and adhesives are one set of solutions. However, they can be messy and difficult to apply. Also, they often yield inconsistent results based upon the variability in their application.

The Solution-

Often referred to as Thermal Gap Pads, these flexible sheet products are typically made of silicone based materials with fillers. They vary in thickness and other dimensions in order to be precisely fit between the heat producing device (e.g. the heat source) and the heat dissipation device (e.g. the heat sink) Due to dimensional stability of these solid materials, they can provide a more consistent, measurable solution over their more viscous counterparts. Due to their compressibility, they offer complete surface-to-surface contact.


For more information: Click Here


TE Connectivity introduces Single Wall, Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing-

TE SWFR single wall heat shrink tubing is offered in two very flexible types. X2 is a thin wall tubing, and X4 is a very thin wall tubing. The thicker wall of the X2 offers better protection, while the space-saving thinner wall of the X4 permits denser packing of protected components and a faster shrink time to better protect against thermal damage of temperature-sensitive components.


Both types are halogen free, permitting their use in enclosed spaces where toxic gasses from burning materials containing halogens are undesirable. SWFR heat shrink tubing’s high degree of flame retardancy allows it to carry UL VW-1 and CSA OFT flammability ratings.



  • High flame-retardant, it is an excellent candidate for applications in appliances, motor vehicles, commercial electronics, and consumer electronics given the increased focus on consumer safety.
  • Environmentally friendly. Emits minimal amounts of toxic or acidic gasses when burned, making it appropriate for use in enclosed areas.
  • Electrically insulates and mechanically protects components and other electrical connections and termination.
  • Low shrink temperatures permits quick installation and reduces the risk of damage to temperature-sensitive components. The X2 thin wall version shrinks quickly, and the X4 very thin wall version can shrink more than twice as fast as the X2.
  • With sizes from 0.8mm to 30mm and two different wall thicknesses, this very flexible tubing is suitable for use in a range of applications.


For more product information Click Here

Tech-Etch Releases Flexible & Rigid Flex Circuits-

Flexible Circuits – 

High reliability, thin and light weight flexible interconnect for critical applications.

  • Adhesive and Adhesiveless Base Materials
  • Thin Copper 5um and Up
  • Fine Line / High Density Circuits
  • Laser Drilled Microvias
  • Laser Direct Imaging
  • Multilayer
  • Window Leads
  • SMT Component Assembly
  • UL Recognized


Rigid Flex Circuits –

Combination of Printed Circuit Board and Flex Circuit in one package for improved reliability through reduced interconnects

  • Increased Reliability
  • Maximizes 3 Dimensional Space
  • Higher Component Density
  • Supports Leadless SMT Packages
  • UL Recognized
  • Up to 8 Layers
  • Via Fill
  • Legend Printings
  • High Tg / Td Material

Tech-Etch Rigid Flex Information




Check out Radiall’s NEW Website-

Discover the new

The new simplified design is guaranteed to help you find the products and resources you need with fewer clicks and better results than ever.


Now the fastest online connector resource fits right in your pocket. Check out the responsive design that can now go everywhere you go. Use your mobile device or tablet to experiecne the upgrade and access product information anywhere, anytime.


An update has been made to our user tools. Visit the resources menu on the website to explore the Radiall Product Finder, Document Library, Distributor Inventory, Cross Reference Tool, and our RoHS Compliance Status tools.

User tools can also be found on all product pages. For example, on the Mulitpin Aerospace Connectors page you can find the Multipin Connectors Full Line Catalog, Product Finder, Cross Reference Tool, and links to the Multipin Aerospace Connectors sub categories.


New product tutorial videos have been released. Check out these new videos here and check back as they are constantly creating new content.

MEGA Electronics Introduces the World’s First Locking Rewireable C13 IEC Connector-

Designed to guard against accidental disconnection of computers, PDUs, servers and most network devices, the new IEC Lock adds additional flexibility and ease of use, as well a LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) compatibility, to its list of features.

The beautifully straightforward high-visibility locking mechanism is combined with a simple release mechanism which allows for disconnection from all sides. Ideal as a retrofit solution, it requires no other equipment or special inlets to secure it, simply plug it into an appliace as you would a standard IEC lead. The red cage release mechanism also marks the connector out from standard IEC leads to allow maintenance and other data center staff to identify critical power sources.

Its slim design means it can easily be implememnted in areas where access is limited and ease of removal is of paramount importance. Its LSZH attribute is cruicial for critical applications in military, broadcast, transportation and data centers.


For more information on the IEC Lock product range Click Here

TE’s NEW Ident Catalog-

Product Families Included in the Identification Solutions Catalog Include:


Printable Tubing – 

The range of materials cover high performance and commercial applications such as military, low-fire hazard, fluid resistant, high temperature, and electrical or electronic use. Laser beam technology can also be used to mark these products.

Printable Tags – 

The flat precision cut shapes ensures operators can easily lift the markers as required. The organised variety are supplied on backing paper which can be written on with a pen if required and are easily removed once printed.

Standard Labels – 

Adhesive labels are a cost-effective way to identify wires, wire bundles, and equipment. The range of standard formats and materials have been developed to cover all known industrial needs.

Pre-Printed Markers – 

Quick and simple to use. The pre-printed marker range are established leaders in the wire marking field. They come pre-printed and ready to use with individual letters, numbers and symbols.

Hardware, Software & Accessories – 

The range of printers offer high volume and low volume use and the supplied accessories match perfectly.


Click Here to Download a Catalog

EMT Canada Awarded Schroff/Pentair 2016 Rep of the Year-


EMT is proud to announce that EMT Canada received the Rep of the Year award from Pentair / Schroff. EMT Canada had 21% Sales Growth in 2016 alone. We are proud of the work they accomplished and hope for another great year!


(Second on Left, Patrick Broussoux, EMT Canada’s Sales Manager. Middle, Luke Gilarski, EMT Canada Outside Sales. Second from Right, Matt Tofanelli, CEO of EMT).

Radiall’s New V-Band mmWave Antennas-

The new V-Band antenna is dedicated for telecom applications and is ideal for integration in small cells, backhaul, fronthaul or WiGig radio systems. This highly directional antenna provides high gain from 57 to 66 GHz in a small form factor.

The V-Band antenna is perfectly suited for integration in new telecom systems, where small for factor and high gain are critical. This new solution provides 32 dBi bore sight gain from 57 to 66 GHz coinciding with the normal axis of the antenna. This feature helps to facilitate quick and easy alignment between radio units (optical technology or not), which is mandatory for some applications.

Designed for outdoor installations, the antenna is also tested per IEC 60068-2 environmental standard and is IP67 rated. The electrical design of the product  makes it compliant with ETSI Class 2.

Featuring unique transmit array technology embedded in the mmWave antenna, this solution allows quick customization of the antenna radiating pattern with a low cost investment. This greatly helps radio manufacturers to easily integrate the antenna into V-Band systems.


For More Information Click Here

PEM® Nickel Plated Series 400 Stainless Steel Standoff-

PennEngineering® is pleased to announce our latest development; the new Nickel Plated, Series 400, Stainless Steel Standoffs. In addition to the existing zinc plated standoffs that have the same functionality, the new self-clinching standoffs with Electroless Nickel over Copper over Nickel strike finish provide improved corrosion resistance for stainless steel sheet applications.

Main Features:
Among the strongest features that the Nickel Plated, self-clinching standoffs may include:

  • Standoffs allow for stacking or spacing in applications where corrosion resistance is required.
  • Fasteners clinch securely into stainless steel sheet with hardness up to HRB 88 / HB 183.
  • Available with blind or through-hole threads. Closed threads provide flush appearance on back side of sheet.
  • Nickel plating presents an attractive finish to enhance overall assembly appearance.

Data Sheet

EAO Introduces NEW Series 04 –

The series 04 modern switched enhance operating safety with quick and intuitive visual recognition.


With a long service life and robust construction, these switches are ideal for the harsh environments often found within aggressive applications.


These actuators are sealed to meet the IP65 requirements and are available with either single or bi-color LED illumination in Red, Green, Yellow, or White.

Bright LED illumination is clearly visable in daytime scenarios that feature strong sunlight as well as other low-light conditions.



-Bright single or bi-color LED Illumination

-Modern, ergonomic design

-Rounded edges

-Excellent tactile feedback

-Long service life and robust construction

-Wide range of possible combinations and options












Series 04 Information


PEM® Fasteners for Printed Circuit Board Applications Enable Secure and Reliable Attachment Using Minimal Hardware –

Several dedicated families of PEM® fasteners from PennEngineering® enable secure and reliable attachment for a wide range of printed circuit board applications. Depending on type and style, these fastener solutions can satisfy component-to-board, board-to-board, board-to-chassis, or stacking or spacing attachment challenges. They offer practical alternatives to loose hardware and other joining methods, install permanently without secondary operations, and ultimately can simplify and streamline assembly.

PEM ReelFast® surface mount fasteners include threaded or unthreaded nuts and standoffs, captive panel screws (spring-loaded or standard), and R’ANGLE® types uniquely providing strong re-usable threads at right angles to boards. All are supplied on tape and reel compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment and mount in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process.

PEM broaching fasteners include threaded nuts, threaded or unthreaded standoffs, panel fastener assemblies, threaded studs, and SNAP-TOP® standoffs with a spring action to hold boards securely without screws or threaded hardware. All can be used in boards and in aluminum, acrylic, casting, and polycarbonate components. During installation, a specially formed axial groove in the fastener broaches into the host material to create a firm, interference-type fit resistant to rotation.

PEM broach/flare-mount standoffs for stacking or spacing applications integrate a combined broach/flare feature promoting even greater pullout performance upon installation in board materials.

The board-oriented product line has further expanded with PEM SpotFast® clinch/broach fasteners ideally suiting applications where metal must be joined to boards or plastic panels.

Detailed specifications and performance data (Bulletin K), fastener drawings, and models can be accessed at

See Pentair Schroff’s Novastar Cabinet Product Line in Motion

Watch this short video to learn more about the Novastar Cabinet Product line and how it can help meet your current and future cabinet requirements.

EMT Engineering Now Representing Federal Mogul
Federal Mogul’s Systems Protection Product Line has an array of products to meet the needs of Industrial & Aerospace/Defense Customers. Federal Mogul’s solutions include mechanical protection, abrasion protection, heat protection and more.

Below are just a few options of the solutions Federal Mogul carries. For all products and more information click on the link below:

Federal Mogul Site






Tech-Etch’s EMI Shielding Metalized Fabric Gaskets –
Tech-Etch offers Metalized Fabric over Elastomer Gaskets as standard strips with seven different profiles, Standard D-Connectors to shield most 9-pin through 50-pin connectors, and custom configurations die cut to customer specifications.

Strips come in many standard sizes for the following profiles: Square, Rectangular, Flat, D, C-Fold, Knife-Edge, and Dome. Ideal for telecom and computer applications, D-Connector Gaskets are offered in five standard sizes with multiple material thicknesses for each size.


All gaskets have compression set values of less than 3%, and are RoHS compliant. Installation is simple and fast with Stick-on mounting. Nickel plating over a highly conductive copper substrate provides the excellent electrical characteristics necessary for shielding effectiveness of greater than 100dB attenuation.


The corrosion-resistant plating has superior galvanic compatibility, which increases shielding longevity. Metalized fabric is bonded to a low compression force, open-celled polyurethane foam. Soft to the touch, this user-friendly shielding is highly flexible and provides continuous contact between mating surfaces.

Tech-Etch Press Release

EAO Introduces its New Online Product Selector-

EAO Simplifies the customer experience

EAO proudly announces its Complete Product Selector which has been designed to “simplify the customer experience” and provide 24/7 access to the new Series 45 product line.

  • Easy part number selection by key functions, technical specification, etc.
  • New globally recognized “complete part number” system
  • New, streamlined interactive 3-D viewer and library of online tools
  • Immediate access to available inventory and outlets to purchase

Customers will have an immediate and efficient connection to a library of complete part numbers that will allow them to dynamically search pre-configured kits. Utilizing an “Omni-channel” approach, users will experience an identical experience on both the desktop and mobile website.

Online Product Selector 

Tech-Etch’s New Photo Etching Material: Tungsten
Tech-Etch specializes in the photo chemical etching of tungsten. Because tungsten is extremely dense, 71% heavier than lead, it is used in medical applications, including grids used to collimate and attenuate stray x-rays in CT scanners, as well as ID tags used in implanted medical devices. Tungsten is also well known for retaining its strength at high temperatures. For that reason it is used in applications such as filaments in vacuum and x-ray tubes, plus heating elements and rocket engine nozzles.

Tungsten Parts Tech-Etch



While providing quick turnaround and low tooling costs, photo etching produces burr-free parts with intricate and complex shapes. Designs can be proved in preproduction quantities without having to commit to expensive tooling. Laminating, plating, heat treating, and assembly are available in house. Visit to download Precision Engineered Parts Capabilities brochure and additional information.


Radiall Releases a Breakthrough Miniature Connector Solution –


The QuickFusio™ Series is optimized to comply with customers exact expectations. The versatile QuickFusio™ series can

easily adapt to all your requirements whether it is extreme competitive cost or more stringent performance required.


Featuring the Radiall Touch – one finger mating technology and extreme density, this lightweight and tool-less series is the smart choice.

Features & Benefits:                radiall3

-Cost Effective



-Quick Mate

-Compact Design

-Secure lock

-High performances

-Easy to wire & to integrate

-Wide range

QuickFusio Information

Hutchinson Releases Low Profile Conical Mounts –

hutch conical

Descriptions & Characteristics:

Hutchinson Low Profile Conical Mounts provide excellent isolation performance in a compact package. These mounts are well suited for applications where minimal installed height is critical. Our light weight isolators are constructed of aerospace grade high-damped silicone bonded to aluminum structural components. Optimal for use in aircraft, ground vehicles and other applications.


Low Profile Conical Mounts are ideal to protect sensitive electronics such as: avionics units, navigation and guidance systems, displays, instruments, panels, controllers, sensors and other equipment.

  • Low profile mount minimizes installed height envelope
  • Natural Frequency: 19-43 Hz, depending upon Size and Load
  • High damped silicone elastomer
  • Maximum Transmissibility at Resonance: ≤4
  • Axial-to-Radial Stiffness Ratio approx. 1:1
  • Rated loads up to 15 lbs
  • Light Weight:
    32083 0.34 oz max
    32085 0.75 oz max
    32087 1.60 oz max
  • Operating temperature range: -65˚F to +300˚F (-54˚C to + 149˚C

For more information: Hutchinson_LowProfileMounts_Datasheet_2016

Type MSIB™ microPEM® Brass Inserts –

– Providing Reusable Metal Threads to Attach Plastics Securely in Compact Electronic Assemblies –

Their unique symmetrical shape will accommodate either straight or tapered holes and eliminates any need for orientation of the inserts during installation. The inserts install permanently where designed into ABS, polycarbonate, and other plastic substrates by pressing them into the host material using ultrasonic equipment or thermal press. Upon installation, they will not loosen or fall out.
Applications include wearables from smart watches and cameras to fitness bands and headphones, laptops, tablets and readers, and gaming and handheld devices, among many others.
The inserts feature threads as small as M1, can be specified in a range of lengths, and will mount in plastics as thin as 0.7mm. Mating hardware completes final component attachment.
Type MSIB inserts join a growing family of microPEM fasteners engineered to satisfy a wide range of precision attachment requirements in the consumer electronics marketplace.

microPEM Inserts




How many Radiall Multipin Series do you know?

Radiall offers a diverse range of multipin product lines. These products
can be classified as Rack & Panel, Disconnect, Quick Mate, Board
level and Industrial connectors. While many are specially designed for
the aerospace market, applications can also be found in the defense,
industrial and medical markets. Click on the links below to find out more!


B & MCS-R                                DSX-ARINC404                               EPX-EN4644


HDQX                                           MMC                                       MM & MB


MPX-MIL-DTL-83527                             NSX-ARINC600                                   QM

EAO Introduces Series 45 Toggle Switches and Mushroom-Head Push Buttons-

Aesthetic. Tactile and Robust.The toggle sticks from Series 45 are attractively designed, and provide smooth tactile feedback that makes them ideal for the intuitive and precise operation of coordinate-controlled machine functions.

With a service life of up to 250,000 switching cycles in each direction and front protection of IP65/IP67, the actuators are extremely robust and reliable.


  • Intuitive and precise switching
  • Robust and reliable in use (IP65/IP67)
  • Intuitive and fast assembly without special tools
  • Smooth tactile feedback
  • Wide range of possible combinations
  • Aesthetic design

These toggle sticks are particularly attractive thanks to their metal or plastic construction.

Data Sheet


Series 45 Mushroom-head Pushbuttons are suitable for a variety of applications and environments. These pushbuttons offer a wealth of customizable options including a selection of actuator sizes, colors, contact configurations, optional illumination, and customer-specific markings.

The high front protection (IP69K) makes the Series 45 Mushroom-head pushbutton an extraordinarily robust and reliable product, allowing for operation in even the harshest environments. This durability allows for a long service life of up to 10 million switching cycles.

Key advantages of the Series 45 Mushroom-head Pushbuttons include:

  • A variety of actuator sizes and colors to suit all application requirements
  • Robust and reliable in use (IP69K)
  • Long-service life of up to 10 million switching cycles
  • Smooth tactile feedback, even with gloves
  • Wide range of possible contact configurations
  • Ergonomic and aesthetic design that matches all other Series 45 products

mushroom head

EMT receives the EAO Sales Achievement Awards for the Second Consecutive Year –

“Congratulations to EMT Engineering for cultivating a year of sales that exceeded all expectations,” said Lance A. Scott, president, EAO Corporation. “The organization showed an excellent ability to navigate economic hardships and remain successful. The EAO Sales Achievement Award is reserved for those companies who realize the most significant year-over-year Sales gains, and who create the most opportunities in their respective territories.”“Our entire organization is thrilled to receive this award for the second consecutive year,” said Matt Tofanelli, president, EMT Engineering, Inc. “We truly value the mutual partnership that has formed between us and EAO, and are appreciative of the continued support we receive on a daily basis.”eao award

From left: Matt Tofanelli, president, EMT Engineering, Inc.; Patrick Broussoux, Canadian sales manager, EMT Engineering, Inc.; Joseph Torzillo, vice president of sales- HMI components, EAO Corporation; John J. Pannone, vice president of sales- HMI systems, EAO Corporation; Michael Davidson, sales engineer, EMT, Engineering, Inc.

MEGA Released NEW Power Supply Level VI Catalog-

Power Supply Level VIClick on the link above to download your copy of the Power Supply Catalog.MEGA catalog


PEM Releases a Reliable Solution for Micro Positioning and Alignment Applications –

Type MPP™ microPEM® self-clinching pins from PennEngineering® provide reliable solutions for demanding micro positioning and alignment applications in compact electronic assemblies. These pins clinch permanently where designed into stainless or other metal sheets as thin as 0.5mm / .020”. The chamfered end of the pin enables easy mating-hole alignment and the head of the installed pin will be flush in the host sheet to present a smooth and clean appearance. They can be installed automatically to streamline production and eliminate issues associated with handling of small parts. Applications for Type MPP positioning and alignment micro pins include wearables from smart watches and cameras to fitness bands and headphones, laptops, tablets and readers, and gaming and handheld devices, among many others.The pins are designed with diameters as small as 1mm / .040” and in lengths as short as 2mm / .080”. They are manufactured from precipitation-hardened stainless steel and will exhibit excellent corrosion resistance in service.The micro pins join a growing family of microPEM fasteners engineered to satisfy a wide range of precision attachment requirements in the consumer electronics marketplace. PEM micro Detailed specifications, fastener drawings and models, and performance data (Bulletin MPF) for these micro pins can be accessed at

EAO Introduces Series 45 Selector Switches-

 EAO 45The ergonomic actuators are designed to be user-friendly, featuring an intuitive operation, distinctive feedback and optional, vibrant LED illumination of switching positions. Material selections of plastic, metal, and combinations of the two provide the added durability needed to meet the rigors of industrial applications.  The seamless look and feel of these selectors as compared to other Series 45 products allows designers to mix-and-match controls and switching functions while still maintaining a consistent and dependable panel appearance. The Series 45 selector switches also feature a long service life of up to 1 million switching cycles and high front protection, up to IP69K.The Series 45 product line meets all the requirements of the world’s leading machinery manufacturers, but also makes it possible to integrate machine interfaces easily and reliably into communications platforms located at a considerable distance from the central control system via serial communication.Additionally, all Series 45 products are designed for robust use by meeting the requirements of the IP69K standard.  Protection against dust penetration and liquid prevention is possible in the most adverse conditions. They are also resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, oils, lye and other chemical substances. Furthermore, high humidity and extreme fluctuations in temperature have no impact on functionality, making the Series 45 ideal for the most severe conditions.With a modular construction, the Series 45 product line can be simply customized and configured to meet every application requirement.  This makes it capable of performing virtually every HMI function.EAO Website

Douglas Showcases Namplates with new Knapheide Manufactuing Logo –

 Knapheide’s New BrandingKanpheide

Tech-Etch Releases Photo Etching Metals with Spring Characteristics-

MP35N is an ultra high tensile strength metal with good ductility and excellent corrosion resistance used for medical implants. Elgiloy has high strength, ductility, fatigue life and is corrosion resistant in numerous environments. It is ideal for stiffener bands and spring energized seals.Beryllium Copper has excellent conductivity for battery contact, ground spring  and EMI/RFI shielding applications. It can be formed with sharp bends and heat treated for optimum spring properties. Stainless steels are selected for their corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, toughness, and surgical implant suitability.Varieties include 300 and 400 series, hardened and tempered, flapper valve grade, razor blade grade, and precipitation hardened grade. Nitinol is a shape memory alloy with very good electrical and mechanical properties, long fatigue life, and high corrosion resistance for stents and retaining springs. Phos Bronze has good conductivity and cold workability for clutch springs, diaphragms, and contact springs.Spring Material ComponentsTech-Etch Photo Etch

EAO Series 61. Comprehensive and Versatile.

Series 61. Comprehensive and versatile.

EAO offers the modular and recognized Series 61, a versatile and modular switch range for complex industrial applications.

eao61 Whether for applications with high temperature variations or mechanically demanding environments – the versatile Series 61 is always the first choice. Due to Series 61 modular construction and full selection of functions, you will find the right solution for your industrial application. Its modular and flexible design enables swift integration into any control system. Fitted with IP65 protection, this intuitive series is ideal for complex industrial applications. The Series 61 is also approved for international use and is recognized worldwide.


  • Wide, modular series
  • Modern design
  • Range of switching elements and ease of mounting
  • Custom marking possible
  • Internationally recognized and approved series

EAO Series 61 eaoproduct

Check out The Red Bull Crashed Ice Course at the St. Paul Cathedral –

3D Course Viewwpid-20150121__CathedralofStPaul_CrashedIce2015_new crashed ice st paul

Sydney O’Keefe ranks 5th overall in the Red Bull Crashed Ice Race in Finland –

Check out the results here: Crashed Ice StandingNext Race is the last weekend in February outside the St. Paul Cathedral.Crashed Ice finland

Tech-Etch Releases New Flexible Circuits Design Guide –

 Tech-Etch manufactures high-reliability flexible printed circuits on polyimide substrates using advanced manufacturing processes to create circuits for electronic applications.Special processes include the ability to:-selectively plate a single circuit with two different finishes-contoured circuits with variable metal thickness-semi-additive and subtractive techniques to manufacture trace patterns, BGA pad arrays, and open window or cantilevered contact leads.Surface mount technology (SMT) for component assembly is employed for both prototypes and full production runs. SMT process can accommodate package sizes down to 0201 and .4mm pitch. Polyimide or epoxy-glass stiffeners can be laminated in place to provide additional support and strain relief.Tech-Etch manufactures flex circuits using both adhesive based and adhesiveless raw materials. Laser processing capability supports precision drilling of hole sizes down to .001” diameters for micro via and blind via multilayer circuits. Alternate circuit layer materials such as beryllium copper, stainless steel and cupronickel can be used for optimum performance in unique applications.The guide contains technical drawings of circuits, photos to illustrate manufacturing capabilities, as well as design tolerance guidelines.Download Guide Here
Sydney’s finish in Munich put her 6th in Overall Standings. Finland is the next stop!Keep yourself up to date with the rankings: Finland Crashed Ice

EMT and Black Diamond Co-Sponsor Sydney O’Keefe –

 EMT and Black Diamond will be co-sponsoring a local athlete Sydney O’Keefe who will be racing in the Red Bull Crashed Ice Championship Series.  Syd is currently ranked #7 in the world for this event.   Crashed Ice is a new sport that involves ice skating and challenging courses. Sydney is currently in Munich, Germany about to race the first race of the three part series.  Her next stop will be Finland followed by St. Paul Feb. 27-28.  The St Paul event attracted 120,000 people last year.are you ready munich? (Video)munich track 3d view 

EAO Series 57. Innovative door opening pushbutton for mounting on glass. 

Maximum safety for public transport applications

Innovative Türöffnertaste für die Glas-MontageInnovative Türöffnertaste für die Glas-Montage


Olten, Switzerland, September 2015 – EAO, pioneer in the realm of illuminated pushbuttons and expert partner for innovative, intuitive and reliable Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), once again sets new standards with a glass-mounted door opening pushbutton from its Series 57. This new passenger door switch offers reliability and passenger safety in trains, trams and buses. Public transport vehicles must be fitted with intuitive and reliable pushbuttons to ensure maximum safety. EAO has now extended its successful Series 57 with the addition of a new pushbutton door opener designed for mounting on glass. Whether mounted on one side or both sides of the glass, Series 57 pushbuttons are the ideal choice for transport applications and the whole range has an attractive and uniform look and feel. The single side glass-mounted door opener has all the advantages of a front-mounted pushbutton plus the option of installation on glass. The double side door opener has the added benefit that both pushbuttons can be configured independently, which offers the flexibility of controlling the functions of the interior and exterior buttons either parallel or separately.

Persuasive benefits of the Series 57 glass-mounting door opening pushbutton:

  • Fully comply with EN 14752
  • Extra-large operating area (Ø 74 mm)
  • Two unique, independently illuminated feedback rings
  • Raised, illuminated symbols conform to TSI PRM and ADA
  • Integrated finding tone for visually impaired persons
  • Suitable for glass thickness of 4 – 6 mm

Particularly user-friendly features are an extra-large operating area 74 mm in diameter and two independently-illuminated feedback rings, which comply in full with EN 14752 requirements. The raised symbols with optional illumination and the optional acoustic location signal to help visually impaired passengers find the door opener are additional user benefits that underline the unique nature of this all-in-one door opening pushbutton.   EAO Series 57

Innovative and comprehensive for machinery –

EAO’s new Series 45 – 

Series 45 offers a newly developed, comprehensive range of HMI controls ideal for the harsh requirements of modern machinery. The modular construction of this 22.5mm product series promotes flexibility and easy customization to address main operator panels, operator devices, and handheld control units. The Series 45 also promotes easy and reliable integration of machine interfaces into communication platforms that are often located at distances away from the central control system. Key Features • Comprehensive and modular series • Rugged in use (up to IP69K) • Easy to assemble and use • Modern design with many options • Value added services • Long service life (up to 10m switching cycles)


Short Reach Free Space Optical Link Solutions – 

Highly ruggedized portable equipment communication devices with high misalignment tolerances

Radiall’s D-Lightsys brand has introduced the F-Light family of Free Space Optical transceivers (FSO) specially designed for board-to-board and box-to-box applications where large misalignment and/or vibrations are critical. F-light transmitters and receivers allow operating misalignment between two boards or boxes at around +/-1mm and +/-1°.

The devices feature a very small footprint on boards (8x8mm) and are compatible with bit rates from 100Mbps up to 5Gbps (10Gbps version coming soon). These devices operate in the extended [-40;+90°C] temperature range and consume less than 100mW each.
The unique design is compatible with automatic solder reflow and pick & place.
Main applications include:
  • Board-to-board, box-to-box communication
  • Rotary Joint
  • Ruggedized portable/station contact-less communication
  • Displays

Airpax Circuit Breakers are here to meet your needs –

 JAE (218) Series:

Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker (optional switch only configuration) F-frame style complies with UL489, 6 poles max
Ratings : UL489: 100 to 250 amps, 65VDC, 160VDC, 125/250VAC (2 poles breaking), 240VAC UL489A: 275 up to 1200 amps, 65VDC (paralleled poles)
A.I.C. : up to 100,000 amps @ 65VDC 10,000 amps @ 160VDC, 125/250VAC, 240VAC
Approvals :

Low Temperature Passive Probes, LTP Series Fuel System –

Honeywell’s Low Temperature Passive Probes, LTP Series, are a modular range of temperature sensors designed for potential use in transportation applications. The LTP Series feature a durable, closed-tip design that maximizes reliability in harsh applications. The sensor’s thermistor sensing element effectively senses gases, liquids or solids because of its enhanced sensitivity, accuracy and reliability. Easy-to-install threaded mounting provides reliable operation in harsh environments. Numerous options—from mechanical and electrical interface—simplify installation, allow customers to meet their specific application needs, and facilitate backwards-compatibility with most existing applications.Value to Customers-• Helps maximize fuel efficiency• Helps maximize engine performance• Helps reduce operation costsFeatures -• Temperature range: -40 °C to 150 °C [-40 °F to 302 °F]• Response time [T63.2% of 25 °C to 85 °C step]: stirred silicon oil <15 s; stirred water <15 s; air flow 10 m/s <20 s• Accuracy: – -40 °C to 25 °C [-40 °F to 77 °F]: ±2.5 °C – 25 °C to 100 °C [77 °F to 212 °F]: ±0.8 °C – 100 °C to 125 °C [212 °F to 257 °F]: ±2.0 °C – 125 °C to 150 °C [257 °F to 302 °F]: ±3.5 °C• Electrical interface: Deutsch 2 position (AMP Minitimer, Bosch Kompakt, Delphi Metri-Pack, AMP seal 16, and AMP Superseal connector style variants available upon request)• Probe length options: 20 mm to 50 mm• Mechanical fastening options: M10 to M18, 3/4 UNF, and G 1/4 (other threads available on request)• Retainer ring with hex: provides complete location for socket wrench in axial and radial directions, enabling the operator to first locate the sensor inside the socket freely and more easily install the sensor• Insulation resistance between I/O pin and the sensor’s housing: >10 MOhm at 250 Vdc, 25 °C [77 °F]• Ingress protection: IP67• Vibration: 30 g sine wave,10 Hz to 2000 Hz• Mechanical shock: 50 g• Service pressure: 10 bar• Burst pressure: 40 bar• Wire harness (with or without a connector) or other sensing elements (PTC or RTD) available upon requestltp series fuel system

Tech-Etch Overhauls Website – With Fabulous Results

 In the era of Technology Advancement our websites often become obsolete. Tech-Etch took their website and overhauled it to create a more appealing, user friendly interface. Check it out:

|Frequency Expansion for the RAMSES SP8T|

Continuously offering innovative high performance product solutions

To meet customers expectations and support the continuous need for innovative products, Radiall has developed a new solution for high frequency applications. Now available are R573 (Unterminated) & R574 (Terminated) RAMSES SP8T switches up to 26.5 GHz fitted with SMA connectors.
The newly expanded product is suitable for test systems and test benches where reliability and high performance are required. This high frequency switch reduces the number of coaxial switches required inside new or existing equipment.
The SP8T switch is in addition to Radiall’s wide variety of existing RF switch solutions with expanded frequencies, such as:
  • RAMSES SPDT & DP3T with performance up to 50 GHz
  • RAMSES SP8T & SP10T up to 22 GHz
  • RAMSES SP12T up to 18 GHz
Typical RF performance for new SP8T:

EAO’s “Fail Safe” Stop Solutions –

When it comes to safety, the selection of the right stop control device can make the difference.  EAO Corporation, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces, offers Emergency Stop Switches that provide extra assurance with “Fail Safe” operations for use in critical applications.E-Stops ensure the safety of operators and machinery by providing a consistent, predictable, and controlled response. Critical to Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices, E-Stops differ from simple Stop Switches that merely turn equipment off.  EAO E-Stops offer foolproof equipment shutdown accomplished through advanced switch design.EAO’s innovative, new “Fail-Safe” contacts for E-Stops further enhance end user safety. With “Fail-Safe” contacts, separation of the contact block from the E-Stop actuator renders the application ineffective.  If there’s any defect or improper installation of the switch actuator to the new “Fail-Safe” contact block, the switching contact opens, cuts power and stops the machinery as it would in an emergency shutdown routine.  “Fail-Safe” contacts are offered on EAO’s internationally recognized Series 04 and Series 84 E-Stops.EAO’s E-Stops and Stop Switches enhance user safety in a wide array of industries and applications, including:

  • Machinery
  • Transportation
  • Lifting / Moving
  • Medical equipment
  • Industrial X-Ray machines
  • Packaging equipment
  • Food processing applications
  • Compressors
  • Printing equipment

EAO Fail Safe Solution

EMT is Now Representing Hutchinson Sealing Systems –




Finite Element Analysis

Global Company

Hutchinson Engineered Products Division of Hutchinson Sealing Systems extrudes Rubber, Silicone, and other Thermoplastic Elastomers with or without roll formed metal carriers. We are the authority on adhesive and non-adhesive bonding of Rubber to Metal as well as with other coatings and materials.We can help you Design, Validate, and Manufacture your extruded or molded application. Our engineering staff includes leading experts in roll forming, extrusion, molding, and bonding technologies. With our leading edge design, finite element analysis, and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to provide rapid prototypes for evaluation quickly and then on to production!Typical applications and markets include: – Rubber seals – Automotive body/trim moldings – EMI Gaskets, RFID Seals – Medical equipment – Solar panels – Food processing – Transportation – Agricultural – Aerospace – Defense – Railroad – Offshore – Industrial extruded profiles or molded applications

Radiall’s New SHF Cable Assemblies Catalog –

Radiall’s New SHF Cable Assemblies Catalog will aid you in finding the exact match needed for your project. With products capable of handling high stress situations to non-pressurized situations, you will find a product fit for action.

SHF primarily focuses on performance and quality attributes and employs high temperature Teflon materials and plated conductors which offer better performances than standard RG or Foam types of coaxial cable.


Jonathan’s New Friction Slide Development –


Wireless network antennas for reliable communication –

A leading provider of high performance antenna solutions, Radiall now offers a new series of omni-directional antennas for wireless network applications operating in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. 
The robustness and high electrical performance of these antennas make them the perfect solution for harsh environmental conditions. The ruggedized design is suitable for military, industrial or hot spot installations where reliable communication is required. 
Providing outstanding electrical performance, these high gain antennas ensure excellent and reliable coverage for 2.4 or 5 GHz communication. The robust design, tested per MIL-STD-810G, withstands harsh environments, including resistance to vibration, immersion (IP68 rate), temperature and mechanical shock, allowing these antennas to be used for either fixed or on the move applications. The current standard offer exhibits medium gain antennas, whereas the new modular design allows us to optimize the performance in gain, radiation and frequency to a specific application.
These wireless omni-directional antennas are compatible with the Radiall mounting bracket (MD15-006-20) for a quick and safe installation over a mast or on a wall.


EAO is proud to announce Gold Contacts Enhancements are now available for Series 82 –

This new availability of gold contacts accommodates low level switching applications for its Series 82. The contacts now provide reliable switching for low-level applications ranging from 5VDC to 10mA.The EAO Series 82 is designed to be an attractive, vandal-resistant pushbutton that excels in harsh environments. The metal construction and sealed actuators make these units ideal for a variety of applications within machinery and packaging equipment, industrial automation, medical equipment, and specialty vehicles. Additionally the pushbuttons are designed to handle high use public applications including access and security controls, information kiosks and emergency call boxes. The Series 82 also offers more than one million cycles of operation, ensuring durability, reliability and a long service life.The Series 82 is available in both silver and a new gold contact version, in momentary or maintained actions, and in illuminated or non-illuminated variations. The vibrant LED illumination is expertly diffused within the lens to eliminate “hot spots” and is available in either ring or central dot versions. Standard color choices of illumination are red, yellow, green, blue or white. Laser marking is also available as an option from a library of ISO recognized legends or customer supplied graphics.Constructed with sturdy housings of stainless steel, brass or anodized aluminium, the Series 82 pushbutton also complies with both IK10 and IP67 standards. Various lens types and styles are offered in a variety of attractively designed vandal-resistant options.Product features:

  • Vandal and impact resistance to IK10; front protection of up to IP67
  • Gold plated silver contacts available for low voltages and currents
  • Optional illumination and laser marking
  • Excellent tactile feedback

MEGA Electronics Guards against Accidental Disconnection of Computers, PDU’s, Servers and most Network Devices –

The unique patented lockable female C13 & C19 IEC connectors and outlets are suitable for use in “any standard” C14 & C20 inlet.-Protects appliances that are vulnerable to vibration-Connector cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inletConnectors and outlets can be used with standard IEC plugs and inlets. For extra protection, use both to ensure against accidental removal of power cables connected to PDU’s, Servers, Network Devices, etc.

Will your New External Power Supply Design be Compliant? –

Department of Energy: Efficiency Level VI is Coming. Presently Energy Efficiency Level V is mandatory in Canada and throughout Europe. In February 2016 Energy Efficiency Level VI will become mandatory in the United States.In brief, both the standby power draw and efficiency of the operating power supplies must meet minimum levels set in the standard. MEGA is in the process of updating their product line to comply with the coming changes.MEGA is ahead of the curve. By the end of 2015 their power supply line will be upgraded to Energy Efficiency Level VI. Universal Locking C13 & C19 IEC Connectors and Outlets. You can download our catalogs by clicking on any of the product categories listed below:Power Cord Catalog Includes information on power cords for all global destinations including exotic locations such as Brazil, Argentina, India and standard and medical grade cord sets for North America. Most standard items can be purchased from our New Jersey stock inventory or we can build to meet your custom needs.Power Supply Catalog AC/DC wall plug in power supplies to 24Watts, desk tops to 200Watts and DIN Rail and open frame up to 900Watts. Products meet energy efficiency level V, which is required for export to Europe and Canada. Available with optional medical approvals to 60601-1, 3rd edition.DC/DC ConvertersDC/DC converters from 0.25W to 200W for industrial controls and automation, transportation and high isolation versions for the patient contact. Up to 10Kv isolation, high temperature rise test, special vibration test.

PennEngineering® receives Patent for Hold-Down Rings-

PennEngineering® has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,051,956 for a panel fastener featuring a hold-down ring, which enables the fastener’s integral screw to be held in its extended position for easy pick-and-place installation during the surface mount assembly process.  The inventor of the patented fastener, Brian Bentrim, P.E., serves as Director of Global New Product Development and Quality at the Company.  The patent is also currently pending in other regions globally.   Headquartered in Danboro, PA, USA, PennEngineering develops and manufactures precision fasteners and systems, specializing in thin sheet attachment solutions.  The Company operates fastener manufacturing facilities and key sales offices in North America, Europe, and Asia and is supported by a worldwide network of authorized engineering representatives and distributors.  Visit

Abatek offers a cost effective service for Assemblies  –

For manually or semi-automated processing assemblies for KeypadsPlastics caps, Bezels, Plastic housing,Metal frames, Metal housingSealingsConnectors, Electronics, Cables etc. for sub assemblies or drop-in applications. lxeWith in-house production of components within:

including secondary processes as printing, coating (wet- and powder) and lasering, it is easy for Abatek to provide assembly for sub-components or full solutions. Assemblies can be in any individual component or a combination of components (e.g. metal and plastic and elastomere or silicone rubber with flexcicuit, etc.). Complementary sourcing of components as PCBs and cables can be provided as agreed in initial project phase. Your project is deliverd through professional project management, engineering support and highest quality processes. lxe_complAbatek has experience in markets like:

Ask Abatek to be your professional single source for your next assembly project.

Advantages: assembly_line

  • Large in-house content
  • Experience through many succesful projects
  • Professional project management
  • Low cost production with local support globally

 Abatek Assemblies

Hutchinson’s Solution to High Stress Environments are here – the 44000 Series of Tube Mounts –

44000 SERIES

Rugged, low profile, high capacity mounts for vibration and shock protection. Recommended for use with off-road equipment, trucks, construction equipment and power generation equipment.

  • Uses the same installation hardware as the 22000 series mounts.
  • Available in a full range of load ratings and sizes.
  • Symmetrical design prevents installation error.
  • Axial-to-Radial stiffness 4:1
  • Available in Neoprene or Natural Rubber for most environments.
  • Fail-safe when used with snubbing washer.

Downloads: 44000 Mount Series |Technical Specifications |Dimensions | Installation | 44001 | 44002/44003 | 44004/44005

 Dontech’s Touch Screen Solutions-

Dontech provides custom touch screen solutions for a variety of demanding military, avionic, medical and industrial applications including:
EMI/RFI Shielding via transparent conductive coatings and fine conductive grids (MEM100 and plated woven meshes
Expand thermal range via Therma Klear™ transparent heaters for low temperature operations
IR blocking filters to reduce thermal loading
Contrast enhancement (to improve sunlight readability) via AR, AG coatings and polarizers
Improved impact, shock and vibration via the addition chemically strengthened glass and optical bonding (IMO-bond™)
touch screen
touch screen
Touch screens are frequently used in conjunction with LCDs as data input devices in a variety of medical, industrial and military applications. Most commonly used touch screens include:
Resistive Touch Screens – most widely used due to cost and reliability. Typically constructed using layers of conductive polyester film and glass. Requires activation pressure to make physical contact between the conductive layers to generate an XY axis point. Inherent internal reflections may reduce high ambient light performance. Sunlight readability can be improved via antireflective coatings and layers of linear and circular polarizers to minimize internal reflections. Common configurations and include 4-, 5-, and 8-wire.
Surface Acoustic Wave – SAW uses ultrasonic waves that register where the touch is located. As a portion of the wave is absorbed, it sends a signal to the controller. Because it requires very low activation pressure, a SAW touch screen can be susceptible to surface contamination or damage.
Projective Capacitive Touch Screens – PCT is becoming increasingly popular due to its very high resolution. Projective capacitive technology relies on a capacitance change that occurs when touching near or on the sensor surface. A conductive grid is patterned on the glass surface and forms an XY array. Applying voltage to the array creates a grid of capacitors. The array is connected to a controller that converts analog to digital signals and locates the exact contact point. PCT’s excellent resolution enables multi-touch applications.
Infrared Touch Screens – operate using an array of infrared light emitting diodes (LEDs) and photo sensors to locate X and Y coordinates. The touch location is identified by the interruption of the IR beam. IR touch screens provide very good optical clarity and can accommodate very large displays. Resolution is dependent on spacing of the IR sensors; false activation can occur due to surface contamination. High ambient light that produces IR radiation may reduce the sensitivity of the IR sensors and, therefore, touch screen functionality.
Optical Imaging Touch Screens – a relatively new technology that uses optical sensors on the corners of the touch screen and infrared backlights to create a two-dimensional field. Touches are detected as shadows, and interpolation occurs to pinpoint the location of the field disruption. OI technology is scalable to large display sizes.
Enhanced Touch Screen / Display Assembly touch screen
Touch screens used in demanding environments often require:
Linear or Circular Polarizers – reduce internal reflection to less than 2% by orienting reflected light to separate it from light emitted by the LCD.
Glass Front Resistive Touch Screens – to improve surface durability to abrasion and chemicals for touch screens used in rugged environments.
Chemically strengthened glass touch screens – to provide impact protection
EMI/RFI Shielding – using conductive coatings and optical, fine wire conductive grids
IR Blocking Filters – to reduce the thermal loading on liquid crystal displays (LCDs) or optical enclosures used in direct sunlight
Transparent Heaters – for low temperature operation and antifogging of touch screens
Antireflective coatings – applied to front and/or rear surface of touch screen to improve viewing in high ambient light
Optical bonding of the touch screen to LCD to improve sunlight readability and impact durability
touch screen
touch screen

PSC Thermal Solutions provides Alternative to EBM DC and ECAC Impeller Sizes 133 mm to 400 mm –

Here is one example: For more information about products and how they can fit your needs, click on the link below:

PSC Impellers

DC Backward Curved Impellers 220mmx71mm

Weight: 1.40kg Impeller: Plastic PA6.6(polyamide glass-fibre reinforced) Injection-moulded round sheet-metal plate Motor: DC brushless external rotor motor Rotor: Black paint Lead Wire: AWG#20 UL 1007 Insulation: Class A Safety: In processing Operating Temperature:-20℃~+60℃ SN: 72-1-00
Listed Model Bearing System Rated Voltage Operating Voltage Rated Current Rated Speed Power Air Flow Air pressure Noise Level Available Features (Optional)
Part NO. B / S VDC VDC A RPM W CFM m3/h mmH2O inH2O dBA Tachometer Output Autorestart Pulse Width Modulation
PI2422063LB2M B 24 16~28 0.80 1,800 19.2 315.2 535.4 17.77 0.7 50
PI1222063LB2M B 12 9.6~14.4 1.60 1,800 19.2 315.2 535.4 17.77 0.7 50

Tech-Etch Releases it’s New Protshield Line –

Protoshield sheets can be formed into Board Level Shielding prototypes in minutes Since ProtoShield sheets are depth-etched with a checkerboard pattern, they can be easily formed into many diverse configurations. In the product development stage, fully functional shields can be created in minutes with just a pair of scissors and a straight edge for folding – saving both time and money.ProtoShield sheets are offered in two sizes. The Standard version has .25″ squares and the Metric version has 5mm squares. Both versions are solderable and corrosion resistant due to their nickel silver composition. No finishing or plating is necessary. ProtoShield prototypes can be direct soldered to the board or shield clips can be used for easy mounting.Free samples of ProtoShield sheets are available from stock for immediate delivery.Standard Version: • .010″ Thick Nickel Silver • CDA770 Alloy • 1/2 Hard Temper • Overall Size: 5.5″ square • Grid Size: .25″ incrementsMetric Version: • .254mm (.010″) Thick Nickel Silver • CDA770 Alloy • 1/2 Hard Temper • Overall Size: 125mm square • Grid Size: 5mm incrementsProtoShield

Radiall’s 4.3-10 Series of Connectors –

Radiall’s 4.3-10 series is designed to support telecom manufactures for outdoor low intermodulation applications. This new solution expands the broad product portfolio which consist of the 4.1-9.5, 7/16 and innovative QLI (Quick Lock Intermodulation) connectors.The 4.3-10 connector is suitable for outdoor environments where reliability is required. Available in a variety of configurations including:• Jack: square flange, press mount receptacles and bulkhead• Plug: straight & right angle • Solder, crimp & clamp models• Screw-on & push-pull coupling mechanismThese lightweight 4.3-10 connectors are 30% smaller and 60% lighter than the comparable 7/16 square flange jack receptacle. The new interface design features a high intermodulation level at -166 dBc. Radiall’s 4.3-10 connectors are designed in accordance to International standards and are manufactured to meet environmental safety requirements.4.3-10 Handout

Check out Hutchinson’s Tube Mount Nanomount Series –


Simple, compact, and rugged vibration isolators are ideal for lightweight applications and small payloads. Recommended for installations where packaging space is at a premium. Protects electronic equipment such as control modules, sensors, monitors, and displays from the damaging effects of shock and vibration.

  • Low profile design for ease of packaging in small installations.
  • Natural Frequency: 20 – 40 Hz.
  • Load Ratings: 4 – 64 lbs (1.8 – 29.1 kg).
  • Axial-to-Radial stiffness 1:2.
  • Available in natural rubber and neoprene- other materials also available for special environments.
  • Fail-safe when used with snubbing washer.

Download: Nanomount™ Series  – Technical Information

20 – 40 Hertz                                                                                            Natural Rubber, Neoprene


  • General purpose compact isolator design
  • Control Modules
  • Sensors
  • Electronic equipment
  • Monitors/Displays
  • Small Machinery, pumps & compressors


  • Highly Economical in cost and size
  • Bonded construction provides consistent performance characteristics
  • Fail-safe when used with snubbing washer


  • Snap-lock feature holds the mount together and prevents separation during assembly/installation.
  • All-attitude mounting capability allows the Nanomount™ to be installed in any orientation.
  • Integral bonded washers eliminate the need for separate washers and reduce component count.
  • Performance and durability in a low profile geometry and failsafe construction.

Load Range

  • 2 Series  with 20 load ratings to 64 lbs. per isolator

Environmental Data

  • Neoprene Operating Temperature Range: -20° F to +180° F (-30 C to +82° C) and is resistant to oils, most solvents and ozone.
  • Natural rubber Operating Temperature Range :  -40° F to +180° F (-40 C to +82° C).
  • Special elastomers and finishes are available for applications in severe environments.

Penn Engineering Releases the PEM® VariMount™ Fastening System –

The PEM® VariMount™ fastening system is an assembly comprised of a standard PEM fastener mounted permanently into a base plate. The assembly can then be affixed to assorted panel types in a variety of ways:
Mounting Methods: • Mold-in • Laminate Within Layers • Adhesives • Rivets • Loose nuts, bolts, screws • Self-Clinching Fasteners • Blind Threaded Rivets • Hollow Wall Anchors • Spot Welding  Mounts On Or In: • Composites • Plastics • Metal • Wall Board  • Any Rigid Material or Panel
VariMount™ assemblies are available with either steel or stainless steel base plates depending on the fastener that is selected. The VariMount base plate’s radial holes provide various mounting options.  Typical Mounting Methods
Features:  • Base plate provides generous footprint for surface or mold-in mounting. • Radial holes in base plates encapsulate adhesives or molded plastics. • Radial holes accept standard sized rivet diameters. • Radial holes accept standard sized self-clinching fasteners. • Assemblies can be mounted on front or through back of panels. • Self-clinching fastener technology permanently holds fastener to base. • A variety of fasteners are available. 






VariMount Fasteners  

Radiall Introduces the Arnic 600 Cost Effective NSX Connector –

– Radiall, a global leader in design, development and manufacturing of innovative interconnect solutions, introduces the Arinc 600 Cost Effective NSX Connector. Radiall’s Arinc 600 budget conscience NSX receptacle connectors feature selective gold plating and new monoblock insert technology that helps reduce costs, without compromising performance.Radiall’s cost effective solution offers a unique 3 points contact technology to provide better electrical connection and more efficient re-alignment of the pin contacts. The insert’s unique design supports basic movement of the contacts inside the cavity to provide mechanical play and offer same mating force as traditional Arinc 600 connectors.Fully integrated to Radiall’s NSX range of Arinc 600 connectors which includes more than 40 insert options, this new Cost Effective solution is available for receptacle connectors with 100 and/or 150 point insert arrangements in 4 different contact lengths.Specifications (General):Fully qualified under Arinc 600 specifications, Radiall’s Cost Effective NSX will offer the follow characteristics:-Temperature range: – 65°C/+125°C-Temperature life: 1000 hours at 125 °C-Salt spray: MIL-STD-1344 method 1001.1 test condition B (48 hours)-Moisture resistance: MIL-STD-1344 method 1002.1 test condition II (10 times 24 hours)-Sealing: environmental resistance to running water (environmental version only)-Fluid resistance: resistance to MILSTD-1344 method 1016 (fluids a, e, i)-Durability: 500 mating and unmating cycles-Random vibration: conforming to MIL-STD-1344 method 2005.1 test condition 5 letter E. (16,4g from 50 to 2000 Hz, 8 hours per direction)-50g 11 ms half sine. MIL-STD-1344 method 2004.1, 3 impacts per direction-Mating force for 3 connector sizes: size 1: 27 pounds (120 N) max, size 2: 60 pounds (267 N) max, size 3: 105 pounds (467 N) max-4 contact length sizes availablefor more information: 

EMT Engineering Sales, Inc. Now Representing Airpax™, a Division of Sensata –

SNAPAK (213) 

Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker (optional switch only configuration) multiple handle options, 2 poles max
Ratings : 0.1 to 7.5 amps, 50VDC & 250VAC 0.1 to 30.0 amps, 32VDC & 120VAC 0.1 to 25.0 amps, 120/240VAC (2 poles breaking) 0.10 to 20.0 amps, 250Vac, 50/60Hz at 500AIC 0.10 to 20.0 amps, 65Vdc, 500AIC (2 pole breaking)
A.I.C. : 1000 amps
Approvals :
UL489A, TUV, VDE, CE, CCC, CSA UL1077, CSA, TUV, VDE, CE, CCC Prefixes CPP, CPR, CR T, R, PP, PR

IAR (216)

Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker 1U/1RU low-profile design, 2 poles max
Ratings : 2.00 to 50.0 amps, 80VDC & 250VAC
A.I.C. : 5,000 amps at 65VDC 5,000 amps at 80VDC 2,000 amps at 250VAC 5,000 amps at 120/240VAC (2 poles, 30A max)
Approvals :
UL489A, TUV, CSA UL1077, cUL, TUV, CSA Non-Agency Approved Prefixes CUR, CER IER, IUR IAR

AP (202) Series

Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit protector (optional switch only configuration) Hermetic seal, ideal for Class 1 Div 2 Groups A/B/C/D, 3 poles max
Ratings : 0.05 to 20.0 amps, 240VAC & 50VDC (AP, AP-MIL only) 0.05 to 20.0 amps, 50VDC (UP only) 0.05 to 15.0 amps, 120VAC (UP only) 0.05 to 7.50 amps, 240VAC (UP only)
A.I.C. : 500 amps at 50Vdc & 120Vac, 300amps at 240Vac (AP, AP-MIL only) 1000 amps at 50Vdc & 240Vac (UP only)
Approvals :
MIL-C-39019 UL1077, FM Non-Agency Prefixes M39019 UP AP
Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit protector (optional switch only configuration) Hermetic seal, ideal for Class 1 Div 2 Groups A/B/C/D, 3 poles max
Ratings : 0.05 to 20.0 amps, 240VAC & 50VDC (AP, AP-MIL only) 0.05 to 20.0 amps, 50VDC (UP only) 0.05 to 15.0 amps, 120VAC (UP only) 0.05 to 7.50 amps, 240VAC (UP only)
A.I.C. : 500 amps at 50Vdc & 120Vac, 300amps at 240Vac (AP, AP-MIL only) 1000 amps at 50Vdc & 240Vac (UP only)
Approvals :
MIL-C-39019 UL1077, FM Non-Agency Prefixes M39019 UP AP

IPA (260) Series

Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker (optional switch only configuration) quick-connect, screw or PCB mount terminals, auxiliary switch options, multiple version with multi or single handle option, 3 poles max
Ratings : 0.05 to 30 amps, 65Vdc 0.05 to 20 amps, 80Vdc (300 AIC) 0.05 to 25 amps, 250Vac, 50/60Hz 25.1 to 30 amps, 240Vac, 50/60Hz 0.10 to 15 amps, 250Vac, 400Hz
A.I.C. : 1000 amps
Approvals :
UL489A, CSA UL1077, CSA UL508 Prefixes CPA UPA, IPA UPA, IPA

IAG (217) Series

Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker (optional switch only configuration) multiple handle options, optional aux switches and optional IEG designed to meet IEC 601/950 and VDE 0730,0804 & 0805, 6 poles max
Ratings : 0.05 to 30.0 amps, 277VAC, 50/60 Hz 0.05 to 30.0 amps, 250VAC, 400 Hz 0.05 to 15.0 amps, 80VDC (CEG, UL 489A)
A.I.C. : 5,000 amps, 240VAC, 50/60 Hz 1,500 amps, 240VAC, 400 Hz up to 7,500 amps, 80VDC
Approvals :

LEG (217) Series

Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker (optional switch only configuration), multiple handle options, optional multi/single handles and aux switches, 2 poles with a max of 3 sections
Ratings : 1.00 to 30.0 amps, 125VAC, 120/240VAC, 250VAC, 50/60 Hz
A.I.C. : 5,000 amps, UL listed 2,000 amps, VDE
Approvals : UL489, UL, UL 1500, CSA, VDE, CE, CCC
Prefixes : LEG, LMG, LEGH, LMGH

LEGA (217) Series

Description : Hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker (optional switch only configuration) Low-depth designed for low-profile datacenter rack PDUs, multiple handle options, 2 poles max
Ratings : 1.00 to 30.0 amps, 120VAC, 120/240VAC, 240/415VAC 1.00 to 50.0 amps, 80VDC
A.I.C. : up to 5,000 amps (120VAC/240VAC, 80VDC) 3,000 amps (250VAC, 240/415VAC)
Approvals : UL489, UL, TÜV, CE
Prefixes : LEGA

LEJ & LEJA (217) Series

Description : UL 489 Listed, 240 VAC hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers, currently the smallest case design on the market today. Options include low-depth design for low-profile datacenter rack PDUs, multiple handle options, 2 poles max
Ratings : 2.00 to 20.0 amps, 240VAC
A.I.C. : up to 5,000 amps
Approvals : UL489 listed, CSA, TÜV, CCC (pending)

For more Circuit breakers and more more information:

Lumitex’s Clad Flat Fiber Technology –

Lumitex’s Clad Flat Fiber™ technology uses Flat Core PMMA (Acrylic) with cladded outer surfaces. Panels can be 0.2mm, 0.3mm or 0.45mm thick. We use a patented computer-controlled light emission process to produce highly repetitive, uniform, bright backlight panels coupled to Surface Mount LED’s.Benefits:Thin: The technology is capable of providing panels with a thickness between .2mm -.45 mm.Integrated: Can contain back reflector, electronic circuitry, LED’s and connector in one thin layer.Design Flexibility: The panels are made of a flexible optical material (PMMA, PC) allowing for multiple configurations without extensive hard tooling.Power Efficiency: The material, configuration and ability to integrate various components allows for increased efficiency – requiring a minimal number of LEDs for optimal luminescence.  Panel Construction:Clad Flat Fiber™ panels are found in one of three configurations:CF3, PCF3: A cladded light guide with a polymethyl methacrylate (CF3) or a polycarbonate (PCF3) substrate.CF4, PCF4: This configuration adds an integrated back reflector coating.CF5, PCF5: This configuration adds conductive traces and surface-mount LED’s, integrated into the thin light panel.Why Clad Flat FIber Technology?

Jonathan is now offering a complete line of light duty and medium duty off the shelf (COTS) rack shelves and trays.

The T2U-100 rack shelf is a 2U high standard light duty electronic rack shelf that comes as a complete assembly as shown and easy to install in most EIA racks.  The shelf assembly includes 370 series slides which lock open, are quick disconnectable, and have adjustable brackets attached.   The rack shelf assembly has front mounted panel fasteners to lock the tray closed, and has a load rating of 165lbs per shelf.Optional upgrades such as cable management, anti-slip pads or server straps are available upon request.

  Typical Applications:                                                        
  • Server racks
  • Telecommunication racks
  • Battery trays
  • Air traffic control equipment
  • Portable electronics
  • Aircraft electronic equipment
  • Electronic racks
  • Military racks
  • Communication equipment
  • Portable transit cases
  • Military vehicles and MRAP’s
  • Fire truck and ambulance drawers

Jonathan Engineering

Give your Product the Nameplate is Deserves- With Douglas


Chrome and Gold Plated Plastic Nameplates

Few other companies can manufacture chrome plated plastic nameplates. We’ve perfected the electroplating process and provide you with an elegant looking nameplate with the traditional, rich look of metal, without the traditional weight! Chrome and gold plated plastic nameplates from Douglas are superior in looks and durability — electro-plated to withstand the most severe exterior applications. Perfect for interior or exterior environments, these lightweight and non-corrosive plastic nameplates area available in chrome, gold, bright, brushed or platinum finishes. Complete with clean, polished edges, these product graphics eliminate the need for secondary operations.

Hot Stamped and Painted Plastic Nameplates

Set your products apart with a brilliance that can’t be duplicated. Our hot stamped plastic nameplates and painted plastic nameplates provide a cost-effective solution for product graphics that are durable and enhance the look of your product. Gain the aesthetic appeal of vibrant colors that only a hot stamped or painted plastic nameplate can offer. Foil stamped and painted nameplates are employed in a diverse range of consumer and industrial applications.

Classic Look Plastic Nameplates

Sometimes, you need a fresh look. And you may just find it in our ‘Classic’ old school designs. It’s retro, with a twist. You want a pattern background? No problem? Color? Just name it. And durability? Every nameplate stands the test of time. (Or salt, rain, sun, heat.) The ‘Classic’ look is perfect for any outside or indoor environment. You worried about size? We work with small and intricate. Or big and bold.

Domed Urocals

Urocals from Douglas Corporation offer versatility, durability and the beauty of liquid jewel! Give us virtually any screen printable design. Specify any combination of colors. If you want, include embossed foils for extra stand-out depth. Then, when we’ve completed the screen-printing process, we imbed the entire design in a crystal-clear lens of poured polyurethane. The result? You get a slick, contoured surface that won’t scar or scuff. For even more information:

PennEngineering Releases New Product – ReelFast® Surface Mount Fasteners

New Type SMTSOB™ Reelfast® brass fasteners are ideal for applications which demand superior electrical mechanical attachment points. These fasteners mount on PC boards in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process. The fasteners simply become another board component. These fasteners are provided on tape and reel compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment.  Click on the below link to read more information: 

Schroff CAD Data on TraceParts  –  A Service for Designers

Download free CAD files for many Schroff brand products in your required format from the world’s largest B2B platform CAD data is available for cabinets (Varistar and Novastar), subracks and 19″ chassis, desktop enclosures, front panels, plug-in units, handles for front panels, frame-type plug-in units, PSUs and backplanes. There are over 4,250 catalog numbers. Users are able to retrieve a request for a quotation on selected products from the shopping cart and make use of the selection tool for the 30 Series of Calmark Card Loks and Wedge Loks from the Schroff brand. 

Moog’s Slip Ring Fiber Brush Technology –


  Patented PEM® R’ANGLE® fasteners for thin metal assemblies and printed circuit boards create strong right-angle attachment points to enable tighter design control, reduced hardware counts, and associated production economies. This family of fasteners consists of self-clinching types for permanent installation into metal sheets and ReelFast® SMT surface mount versions for permanent installation onto printed circuit boards.

R’ANGLE clinch fasteners for metal can serve as ideal replacements for conventional bent edge tabs, bent center tabs, bent flanges, angle brackets, or tack welds.  R’ANGLE surface mount fasteners for printed circuit boards eliminate the usual requirements for angle brackets or threaded right-angle blocks. For metal assemblies Type RAA™ aluminum clinch fasteners install in aluminum sheets as thin as .040” / 1mm and accept thread-forming screws in sizes #4-40, #6-32, #8-32, and M3 and M4.  Type RAS™ steel threaded fasteners install in aluminum or steel sheets as thin as .040” / 1mm and are available in thread sizes #4-40, #6-32, #8-32, and M3 and M4.  A single mating screw completes the component attachment process.  Holding power of the fastener will be unaffected by any tightening or loosening of the screw. ReelFast SMT fasteners are designed to mount board to chassis, chassis to board, or component to board.  They install at the edge or interior of boards (as thin as .040” / 1mm) in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process.  Thread sizes for mating screws range from #2-56 through #8-32 and M2 through M4.   Detailed specifications, installation animation, CADmodels, and performance data (Bulletin RA) for these captive panel screws can be accessed at

Your Upgrade is Waiting –

Check out the newest Product line from Jonathan Engineering:Jonathan’s New Executive Series129tspic3

Series 129TS Executive –

Key advantages the 129TS Executive offers over competitive aluminum slides:

  • Up to 30% weight savings
  • Quiet polymer ballbearings.
  • Sleek Black anodize finish
  • Rear dampening
  • Spring open actuation
  • Lead-in guides front and rear.
  • Sound dampening rubber bumpers.

The key advantage the 129TS Executive Series has over aluminum aircraft slides is the use of lightweight polymer ballbearings and the addition of a dampening device in the rear of the slide capable of dampening up to 8 lbs of force.  The damper also springs the slide open when the drawer latch is released giving the drawer a self opening effect. 

As with most Jonathan aluminum slides, these slides can be customized to meet your specific applications needs.  Whether it be custom lengths or travels, hole patterns, locking mechanisms or finishes.  Feel free to contact your local Jonathan Sales Engineer  today.   Typical Applications:

  • Aircraft cabin interiors
  • Kitchen galley drawers
  • Slideing tray tables
  • Storage bins or compartments
  • Seat Armrests
  • Seat Legrests
  • Portable transit cases
  • Partition doors

For even more information go to 

Insulfab partners with Cima Nanotech to bring Customers a new Product Line –

Cima NanoTech offers transparent, conductive SANTE films for EMI shielding, heaters, and antennas. Contact Insulfab for more

EAO Series 71 –

Unique PCB mounting system. Wealth of applications thanks to unique PCB mounting system.

The Series 71 from EAO, your expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), provides a unique PCB mounting system that is suitable for a broad range of modular applications. Since 1998, the EAO Series 71, whose uses include machinery and control cabinet engineering applications, has become firmly established on the market thanks to its reliability and versatility. Its top-quality pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, keylock switches, selector switches and indicators can be combined as required on the same PCB level. The PCB and actuators are connected to the front plate quickly and easily using twist-and-lock fasteners without the need for mounting studs.

Clear benefits of using Series 71:

  • Unique PCB mounting
  • A variety of switching functions
  • Modular design and flush mounting                                                
  • IP65 front protection
  • Low-level switching capability

Thanks to its wide range of actuators and switching elements, the EAO Series 71 offers customers a wealth of possible configurations, together with efficient stock management. The virtually flush mounting design gives applications a contemporary look while at the same time protecting control devices from damage.   Series 71 News Release

Radiall Introduces NSX Arinc 600 Selective Plating Drop-In Solution 

A new generation of fully qualified Selectively Gold Plated Contacts that offer up to 10% cost savings.


Radiall’s new selective plating solution offers power and performance at a reduced cost. This new cost saving option meets the needs of the changing aerospace market without compromising performance and reliability. The unique design features removable size 22 selectively plated PC tail socket contacts with a reduced amount of gold on non-active areas (0.12µm vs 1.27 µm on standard contacts).
Utilizing proven screw machined technology that is available, this new design offers the same performance and level of conductivity as existing standard plating contacts without requiring any process changes or PCB modifications.
Fully qualified under Arinc 600 standards and suitable for any connector configuration, including RoHS plating, this new option offers up to a 10% cost savings. The mix and match selective plating contacts and cost effective inserts allow even more savings while also reducing the connectors overall weight by up to 10%.
Dedicated to meeting customers’ needs, the team at Radiall is available to provide assistance in choosing the best cost saving solution among the widest range of Arinc 600 connectors on the market.

Tech-Etch’s New Polyester Photo-Etching Capability –

Tech-Etch is well known for the extensive list of exotic materials the company is capable of photo etching.In addition to materials such as tungsten, titanium, elgiloy, MP35N, nitinol, and polyimide film, Tech-Etch has now developed a process to photochemically etch polyester sheet up to .010″ thick. All of the advantages of photo etching, clean burr-free edges, the ability to create intricate features with minimal tooling cost, and fast delivery, can now be applied to this high-strength, hydrophobic, solvent-resistant, optically clear material.Polyester sheet can also be depth etched with grooves or channels unavailable with other manufacturing methods. Applications include dielectrics, diaphragms, gaskets, washers, discs, spacers, seals, caps and insulators. For additional information visit: Capabilities Brochure

EAO Machinery Products – Innovative – Intuitive – Reliable –

Over the years, Human Machine Interface technology has undergone considerable changes in order to meet the increasingly specialized demands of the mechanical engineering industry. Modern designers of today must understand and meet the ever changing requirements of industry norms and standards in order to provide optimal end user controls. Machinery is becoming more precise, automated, and complex. Therefore, a greater emphasis on safety demands and operational control often rely upon both HMI components or complete HMI system solutions.EAO_BR_Machinery_Products_EN

Atlas® blind threaded inserts (also known as rivet nuts or blind threaded rivets) provide strong and reusable permanent threads in sheet materials where only one side is accessible for hardware installation –

Atlas® SpinTite® Blind Threaded Rivets

• Low Profile Head – AEL • Minimized Profile Head – AEK • Half-Hex Shank, Low Profile Head – AEH • Thin Wall, Low Profile Head – AEO • Blind Threaded Studs – AES • 360° Swaging Low Profile Head – AET, AEW   Catalog Tool Selector

Moog’s Slip Ring Fiber Brush Technology utilizes a unique technology-

See it for yourself:

Tech-Etch has over 100 Standard Finger Stock Gasket Profiles to Offer –

EMI Shielding Finger Stock Gaskets  General Information

Tech-Etch offers the most complete line of standard EMI shielding strips in the industry. These RoHS compliant shielding strips are designed for a wide variety of application requirements. They are available in strips ranging from 16 to 24 inches in length, in continuous coils up to 35 feet long, as single fingers, or cut to requested full-finger lengths. Consult our engineering department for special modifications to suit your requirements.Uncompressed heights of standard finger stock range from .03″ to .44″, which will occupy gaps as low as .01″. Many gaskets are offered in two material thicknesses to meet diverse application compression requirements: “Standard” and “TF”, which requires less force to compress the gasket to its operating range.

Beryllium Copper EMI Shielding Products

  • Finger Stock
  • “D” Connector Gaskets
  • Contact Rings

Stainless Steel EMI Shielding Products

  • Finger Stock
  • “D” Connector Gaskets
  • Expansion Slot

Custom Designed EMI Shielding

  • Tech-Etch supplies many custom designed shielding components for special applications from high volume requirements using progressive dies, to prototype and small quantities utilizing photoetch fabrication. Call for information.
 EMI Shielding Performance
 Material  H-Field – 100kHz  E-Field – 10MHz  P-Field – 1GHz
 BeCu  >110 dB  >110 dB  <110 dB
Note: Plating the mating surfaces with the same material will provide superior performance. Chromate chemical film on aluminum maintains surface conductivity by reducing corrosion.

EMI Shielding Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility EMI/RFI Shielding Products are designed to either keep out or keep in electromagnetic interference. Shielding reflects and absorbs incident radiation. The higher the attenuation of the shielding, the more effective it is at keeping in or out the undesired electromagnetic interference. Electrochemical Compatibility To avoid galvanic action between contacting metals refer to this chart. Materials in adjacent groups may be safely used together. Choosing materials from within a single group in the table will provide the least corrosion due to galvanic action when the materials are in contact for an extended period of time with appropriate protective finish.

Grouping of Metals by Decreasing Galvanic Activity

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Magnesium Magnesium Alloys Aluminum Aluminum Alloys Zinc & Zinc Plating Chromium Plating Aluminum Aluminum Alloys Zinc & Zinc Plating Chromium Plating Cadmium Plating Carbon Steel Iron Nickel & Nickel Plating Tin & Tin Plating Tin/Lead Solder Cadmium Plating Carbon Steel Iron Nickel & Nickel Plating Tin & Tin Plating Tin/Lead Solder Brass Stainless Steel Beryllium Copper Copper & Copper Alloys Nickel/Copper Alloys Monel Brass Stainless Steel Beryllium Copper Copper & Copper Alloys Nickel/Copper Alloys Monel Silver

EMI Shielding Attenuation

For maximum attenuation of a gasketed gap, the contact resistance of the mounting joint and closing joint must be very low and remain so throughout the life of the product. While a gasket may have the potential for very high attenuation under ideal conditions, over time oxidation, corrosion and dirt at the mounting and closing joints may reduce effectiveness. Factors influencing contact resistance over the life of the product are pressure (closing force), plating, and wiping action. Our engineers can help you determine the optimal specifications to ensure sustained attenuation.


The purpose of shielding is to occupy and thereby shield the gap that exists between two adjoining surfaces. In order to be effective, shielding gaskets must be able to occupy both the maximum and minimum gaps, which exist due to fabrication tolerances, misalignment of surfaces, or irregular surfaces. Proper compression management is essential to ensure effective EMI shielding. Tech-Etch will be pleased to assist you in specifying the most effective gasket for your requirements. Compression data provided is for reference only.

EMI Shielding gap

  • At the maximum gap the gasket should be compressed approximately 25%.
  • Gaskets may be compressed to 50% of their height or more.
Compression of EMI Shielding Gaskets

Stock Drive Releases Miniature Fairloc® Bellows Couplings-

Designatronics, a leader in comprehensive mechanical solutions for critical motion control applications, is pleased to introduce a new line of couplings. Sterling Instrument’s Miniature Fairloc® Bellows Couplings are zero backlash, easy to install, and corrects for angular and parallel axis misalignment. Readily re-positioned, the miniature couplings dampen vibration and noise making them a perfect choice for medical device manufacturers.
Because of its compact design and high-quality build, the miniature coupling series S50FP9 (-/M)FB…, is durable and allows connections in restricted spaces. Both inch and metric dimensioned parts are offered and a variety of bore combinations are also available, ranging from 1 mm to 3 mm and .0625″ to .125″. The hubs feature the unique Fairloc® design, capable of maintaining shaft alignment when others fail. Learn more at

Miniature Fairloc® bellows couplings are the newest addition to the extensive coupling line offered by Designatronics. Both rigid and flexible varieties are available, including modular bellows, beam, disk, jaw, Oldham and slit types. To assist clients in location the perfect coupling for an applicaiton, Designatronics provides a coupling selector too that is available at

Tech-Etch’s Photo Etched Fine MicroTech® Screens –

MicroEtch® Screens are manufactured by Tech-Etch using photo etching or photo chemical milling technology. Unlike stamping, photoetching yields a burr-free product resulting in cleaner more efficient screens with greater material integrity. These superior quality screens feature tighter tolerance hole sizes and greater dimensional stability than woven wire mesh, which makes them ideal in applications requiring frequent cleaning or in devices where there is mechanical contact. Unlike woven wire mesh screens, the fixed photoetched openings will not change through use. Photoetching also enables designers to specify a conical hole, which facilitates liquid filtration and back flow cleaning.Typical applications of MicroEtch® Screens are filters used in the medical market, hydraulic valve screens, fuel filters, laser light filters, extruding screens, as well as particle separation and sizing. These tight tolerance screens are primarily produced from Stainless Steel, but other materials are available.

Tech-Etch, Inc. offers a standard line of screens with holes in a 60° or 90° pattern that are available with a usable perforated area of at least 18” x 21” as shown on the chart below. Other sizes and custom shapes are also available.
Tech-Etch MicroEtch® Screen Product List
Part No.
Hole Size
Hole Profile
Hole Orientation
% Open
  1) All above parts are supplied in a sheet size of 24″ x 22″ with a minimum perforated area of 18″ x 21″.
  2) Material is Stainless Steel Alloy 316/316L. * 2-1 and 2-2 Material is Alloy 304/304L.
  3) Available tempers are Annealed, 1/4 Hard, 1/2 Hard and Full Hard.

Photo Etch MicroScreens®

EAO Presents Sales Achievement Award to EMT Engineering Sales for 2014-

EMT Proudly Announces the presentation of the 2014 EAO Sales Achievement Award -“I congratulate…EMT Engineering…on an incredible year of sales performance.{The} organization well exceeded expectations in an otherwise challenging economic environment.”Lance A. Scott, President, EAO Corporation


EAO’s Series 71 includes special switching elements for direct PCB installation –

Characteristics – The compact 16mm Series 71 is particularly suited for:■ Flush design■ PCB mountingFunctions The Series 71 incorporates the following functions:■ Indicator■ Pushbutton■ Illuminated pushbutton■ Keylock switch■ Selector switch Market segments The EAO Series 71 is especially suited for applications in the segments:■ Public transportation■ Machinery and Automation■ Construction machines and special-purpose vehicles■ Lifting and moving■ Panel buildingEAO Series 71 Catalog 

Design the Poly-V Belt that is Perfect for you Needs-

Design your Poly-V® belt on line (first approach for electric engine) This approach is only valid for electric engines and Poly-V® belts. This approach is not relevant for thermal engines and for any other belts (Flexonic®, Conveyxonic® and HPP® belts). For such engines and belts, the calculation shall necessarily be made by an Hutchinson skilled engineer experienced in drive belt systems.SERVICE FACTOR  The duty cycle determines the criticality of the application according to its duty ratio, the type of motor and the type of machine to be driven. The service factor is applied to the power input here.

Duty cycle category   [10h – 16h] [16h – 24h]
Motor class   B
Driven class   2 3 4 5
Nominal power  kW


Check the value to calculate and populate the other cells

Driver speed  rpm
Driven speed  rpm
Transmission Ratio


LAYOUT  Please enter data here. Key in your application data or check the box to let the software make a proposal.

Receiving pulley
Driver diameter  mm
Driven diameter  mm
Center distance  mm

Poly V Belt Design Tool

Jonathan Engineered Solutions introduces a NEW heavy duty under mount slide series-

  • The JES 9000 series slides are available in 4 standard configurations: 9000 without locking feature, the 9000L with positive lock open, the 9000LC with positive lock closed, and the 9000LLC with both positive lock closed and lock open.
  • The JES 9000 Undermount Model provides a wide upper flange to further stabilize load application, offers an increased number of available mounting hole locations for hardware installation, and gives a stable platform to either direct mounted or indirect mounted applications. Standard lengths are available starting at 12 inches in 2 inch increments.
  • Custom configurations are welcome and additional information may be obtained by contacting either a local JES representative, the JES web-site, or JES factory direct.  Lengths, travels, hole locations, value added fasteners, top flange shape, alternate finishes, are just some of the available options JES can provide to meet your exact application or requirement.
  • Modifications to the basic JES 9000 series have been proven to meet a wide range of conditions such as high cycle, salt spray resistance, resistance to numerous chemicals and fluids, withstands transportation vehicle induced shock and vibration, and have proven to meet both indoor and outdoor installations.

The Jonathan Advantage

  • Robust construction over conventional products
  • Extra wide flange for greater stability and assembly
  • Generous amount of mounting hole locations
  • Heavy duty in-stops and out-stops to withstand rough handling
  • Proven performance via shock and vibration testing
  • Load rating up to 800 pounds per pair / 400 pounds per slide. 
  • Adding additional slides increases ultimate load carry ability
  • Easily actuated lock lever
  • Slide is easily customizable

Check out the below videos for more information and to see the Slide in action:   Video about JES 9000 Series Product Testing Video

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