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Q-MTITAN™ – Ruggedized, High Density Optical Solution for Harsh Environments

Q-MTitan™ is the ruggedized High Density optical solution for harsh environments. It is the base design for the aerospace industry standard: ARINC 846, which sets the standard for interconnect assembly solutions, based on MT ferrule for use in air transport applications.

The Q-MTitan™ contacts are designed for use in the existing #8 Quadrax cavities of off-the-shelf multipin connectors, such as MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 600 NSX, EN4644 EPX, EN4165 connectors, Quick Fusio™. This innovative product range extends Radiall’s capability to provide customers with a fiber optic end-to-end solution: from active transceivers to complex optical systems. Click Here for more information



Laminated Polyimide Parts

Plymouth, MA….When a dielectric is required to maintain accurate finger spacing or for insulation, Tech-Etch can laminate materials such as polyimide. Polyimide can be die-cut and directly bonded in place or full sheet laminated and then photo etched for extremely accurate positioning. Parts can be formed after lamination of insulation. Tech-Etch also photo etches polyimide film into flat parts including non-conductive washers, screens, gaskets, insulation layers and liners, as well as haptics for intraocular lenses used in cataract surgery. For flexible circuits, the coverlay is the insulating layer of polyimide placed over the exposed conductors. It is typically constructed of a pre-cut piece of polyimide film laminated over the conductors using either acrylic or epoxy adhesive. Polyimide’s material characteristics make it ideal for corrosive environments. It also exhibits excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties over a wide temperature range. Tech-Etch offers complete prototype to production facilities for etching extremely intricate parts from polyimide film.

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Smart Box.
Simple, compact and all-purpose.

The EAO Smart Box is a simple and customisable “snap-on, plug & play” solution for operator devices in industrial environments that can include on/off, up/down or emergency stop functions in CNC machines or semiconductor production. Alongside a broad standard range, customised solutionsare also available to meet the needs of the user.

Typical applications
CNC milling, lathing, grinding and drilling equipment
Semiconductor and electronics production
Industrial lifting and handling automation
Cooling and ventilation equipment
Food and beverages
Pharmaceutical, chemical production and process control
Tobacco production and process control
Textile production, including equipment for preparing, drying, spinning and weaving
Packaging systems
Production lines
Plus many additional applications
Series 84
The Smart Box can be seamlessly implemented with compatible EAO actuators and indicators. The Series 84 is ideal for this purpose – especially illuminated pushbuttons and emergency stop switches (other EAO products on request). The robust construction combined with front protection of up to IP67 enables reliable switching – even at operating temperatures ranging from – 25 °C to + 70 °C (depending on the integrated products), in dirty environments and under high humidity or severe vibration.

Simple snap-on mounting and M12 connection technology
Flexible arrangement and robust, compact construction
Ease of integration into the system thanks to bus connection or direct wiring
Customisable front design and functionality
Standard range available – customised solutions on request

We would be pleased to produce an application-specific solution for you as follows:

Standard type with individual wiring: from 200 pcs. Smart Boxes
Standard housing with individual hole pattern / in other colour: from 1’000 pcs. Smart Boxes

Radiall’s New High Speed Interconnect Solution

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Radiall’s expanded EPXB2 Bulkhead range now offers a fiber optic insert —F12C— which uses 12 LuxCis® Arinc 801 contacts.

The EPXB2 Bulkhead provides permanent sealing between pressurized and non-pressurized areas, in a disconnect application and offers time savings when terminating connectors due to the wide range of existing EPX® crimp and PC tail contacts. Included in the EPX® Bulkhead insert range, the new fiber optics insert arrangement—F12C—offers user-friendly features (front release/rear removable) and helps facilitate maintenance on bulkhead connectors.


Qualified according to EN4644, the EPXB2 Bulkhead is an extension of EPX® shells and provides air leakage resistance (16 cm3/h) and higher altitude immersion (55,000 ft). Utilizing the same proven technology as the EPX® series, EPXB2 Bulkhead receptacles provide easy and economical integration in the aircraft BOM. Offering the same modularity as the EPX® series, the EPXB2 Bulkhead receptacle is fully intermateable with all EPXB2 plugs and is compatible with the broad range of contacts and accessories. Featuring a large range of Bulkhead inserts and a modular design, the EPXB2 Bulkhead can optimize density and provide a very competitive solution.

Featured Benefits:

  • Competitive offer: providing high-speed interconnect solution with efficient panel sealing
  • Time saving solution and user-friendly: requiring no change in the wiring process
  • Easy to integrate and economical: compatible with a large range of inserts, contacts and accessories in the existing EPXB2 range

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PEM® FHX™ self-clinching flush-head studs from PennEngineering® uniquely feature an X-Press™ thread profile enabling quick mating with push-on plastic nuts, wire tie products, or other plastic fasteners in thin metal assemblies. Their coarse thread design – larger threads relative to the stud’s diameter – reduces assembly time by allowing for easy mating of plastic parts and promotes especially high retention force. The thread design additionally accommodates paints and coatings without compromising fastener performance in service.

The studs install permanently in metal sheets as thin as 1mm. They press easily into place using any standard press or can be installed automatically during the stamping process using an automated PEMSERTER® press equipped with in-die technology. Upon installation, the head of the stud mounts flush in the metal sheet for a clean and attractive finished appearance. Domed stud heads are available on special order.

The studs are manufactured from hardened carbon steel and finished with zinc plus clear chromate as standard or a rust-preventive oil finish as an option. They can be supplied in 5mm or 6mm thread sizes and in lengths from 10mm to 25mm.

Detailed specifications, fastener drawings and 3D models, and performance data (Bulletin FH) can be viewed and downloaded for free at

Wall Industries Now Offering Industrial Robotics Components

What’s New?

Wall Industries, Inc. has recently introduced a new line of industrial robotics components. We now have several DC/DC converters and corresponding transceiver modules that work together to ensure efficient and effective use in industrial robotics systems.


New Converters


 1-30 Watts
 Through Hole, Surface Mount,
  DIN Rail, or Chassis Mount Packages

 High Efficiency
 Compact Packages
 RoHS Compliance

New Transceiver Modules


 Convert TTL/CMOS Levels to CAN bus
  differential levels
 High Baud Rates
 EN60950 Safety Approvals
 Compact Packages
 Industrial Bus

Which Backlight is best for your application?


Light Guide: a think filament of a transparent material, such as glass or plastic, which is capable of transmitting

light signals through successive internal reflections. In order for such a fiber to guide light, the proper relationship

between the refractive index of the core and its surrounding cladding must be maintained.

Light Guides are used to distribute light from the source to a particular area that requires illumination and where

overall assembly height needs to be at a minimum.

A light guide uses the mechanism of reflection caused by two materials with a different refractive index. It transports

from one location to another, by using total internal reflection of light at the boundary to the surrounding medium.



Design: thinness of the product, fits in tight spaces, efficient

Performance: uniformly lit appearance

Cost: cost savings in energy consumption



Light Pipe: a conduit made of transparent material, such as glass or plastic, which is capable of channeling light

from one end to the other through successive internal reflections. Such a pipe may be flexible or rigid, and an

optical fiber is an example.

Rigid light pipes are capable of redirecting the LED’s light output to the desired location with minimal loss of

concentration. This makes them ideal if the LED is mounted on an intermediary board behind a font panel.



Design: design flexibility, easy to install, efficient

Performance: uniform illumination, low glare, can diffuse or redirect light. Light pipes transmit up to 80% of

emitted light with excellent visual performance.

Cost: low cost


4 Things to Consider When Choosing Backlighting Technology:


Not all backlighting technology is created equal. You want to consider many factors when choosing you

Backlight and determine which are most important to you overall application design.


  1. Brightness Requirements – How bright do you need the light on your application to be? Certain

backlighting options can be brighter than others and some you can control the light output.

  1. Space Requirements – How much space do you have in your application to include a backlight? Length

and width are important, but consider depth as well.

  1. Illumination Area and Uniformity – How large of an area do you want to illuminate and does uniformity

of the light matter?

  1. Cost Requirements – How much are you willing to pay for your backlight?


To check out how Lumitex can help with your current and future applications: CLICK HERE



 Check Out MEGA’s Updated Website

MEGA’s updated website is more user friendly than ever before. With easy access to product lines, downloadable content, and product certifications your sure to get the answers you need.

Check it out for yourself: Click Here


 Schroff Enclosures is now nVent
As most of you already know, Hoffman and Schroff brands will become part of nVent on April 30, 2018. We will have the important mission of driving customer awareness about the value that this standalone electrical company brings, and the value that the Hoffman and Schroff brands offer our customers as part of this enterprise.

In my travels around the globe over the course of the past six months, several of you have asked, “Why spin off from Pentair and Why nVent?”

Being a separate company means we will be highly focused on helping customers connect and protect their electrical systems in facilities where the cost of failure is high and electrical performance is crucial. For more than a century, our inventive products have provided solutions to customers. We invent. We innovate. It’s our legacy. Hence the name, nVent.

This is an exciting change for both the organization, and our customers. It is important that we proactively communicate with our customers, and we will need our reps and channel partners to help us with this endeavor.

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 PEM Aluminum and Stainless Steel MicroPEM® TackSert® Pins for Compact Electronics
 Aluminum and stainless steel microPEM® TackSert® pins from PennEngineering® provide cost-effective alternatives to micro screws for attaching top panels to base panels or chassis in compact electronic assemblies. They will attach top panels of any material to a base or chassis manufactured from common cast metals (such as magnesium and aluminum) or plastics (such as ABS and printed circuit boards). The pins ultimately eliminate many of the costs and issues associate with screws and integrate unique design features promoting reliable and effective performance.
TackSert® pins offer multiple advantages over screws by eliminating needs for mating threads from tapped holes or inserts and the rework frequently required due to screw cross-threading and driver bit “cam-out”. Patches intended to prevent fastener loosening in service are unnecessary.
Among design features, a tapered tip assists in pin location during the installation process, a specially engineered diagonal broaching knurl (instead of threads) creates a firm interference fit without hole-tolerance issues, and a low-profile head minimized protrusion on the top panel.
The TackSert® fastener family includes TK4™ pins (400 Series stainless steel) fro broaching into castings, brittle materials, printed circuit boards, and plastics and TKA™ aluminum pins for broaching into printed circuit boards and plastics. The fasteners are available in a variety of lengths to accommodate a range of top panel thicknesses. Press-in installation without heat or ultrasonics is achieved simply by preparing properly sized mounting holes in the top sheet and base panel or chassis, placing the pin through the hole in the top sheet and into the through or blind mounting hole of the base panel, and then applying sufficient squeezing force using punch and anvil until the head of the pin contact the top sheet. Pins can even be installed automatically for high volume jobs.
Detailed specifications, fastener drawing and 3D models, and performance data can be found HERE




 Optinovas’ Customized FEP Heat Shrink Solutions 


FEP heat shrink tubing is used in various medical applications. FEP’s beneficial properties, such a lubricity, clarity, chemical resistance as well as favorable anti-stick surface makes it an excellent choice for reflow processing of catheter shafts, coating surgical instruments, encapsulation, dielectric, insulation, etc.

Optinova offer two versions of heat shrink tubing, 1.6: FEP HS & FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0. Both versions are available in customized sizes and from our stock of specially selected dimensions.

1.6:1 FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

The 1.6:1 FEP HS from Optinova is a cost effective heat shrink solution, utilizing Optinova’s trademark of a high quality, consistent extrusion for medical devices. Recommended shrink temperatures from 200°C (390°F)

Features & Benefits 

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Low gas permeability
  • Excellent transmission of UV Rays
  • Excellent electrical insulation values
  • Sterilization compatibility: Gamma, ETO, e-beam and autoclave


FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 Heat Shrink Tubing

Unique features of the FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 are the fast shrinking process that gives shorter production cycle and lower production costs. Also, FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 has a low and adjustable shrink temperature between 80°C-170°C (176°F-338°F). The low shrink temperature makes FEP QuickShrink™ 2.0 an ideal solution for processing of materials with low melt temperature as overheating can be avoided.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid shrinking process
  • Cost-Saving product design
  • Lower shrinking temperature
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Low gas permeability
  • Excellent transmission of UV rays
  • Excellent electrical insulation values
  • Sterilization compatibility: Gamma, ETO, e-beam and autoclave

Optinova has built its recognition in the medical tubing field around high quality and batch-to-batch consistency.


For more detailed information: CLICK HERE



 MEGA’s Medical Power Supplies Now Meet Upcoming UL Standards

All new medical power supplies need to pass 60601-1-2 4th edition starting December 31, 2018.  Click here for the link to the new MEGA  Electronics catalog for the new 60601-1-2 4th edition power supplies.

These new standards will impact medical device manufacturers as well as the power supply manufacturers.  Although the transition date is now set for December 31, 2018, UL Medical EMC experts advise that FDA’s publication “Design Considerations for Devices Intended for Home Use –Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff” suggests using the 4th edition of IEC 60601-1-2 for Home Healthcare environments now to cover test levels which may not be appropriately addressed in the 3rd edition.

Following are the details on the updated standards:

Key Changes

Following are some of the key changes in the 4th edition.
Use environments are split into three areas:
• Professional Healthcare Facility Environment
• Home Healthcare Environment
• Special Environment

Small clinic and Home Use Equipment

  • Need CISPR 11 Class B emission, IEC 61000-3-2 Class A harmonic distortion, and IEC 61000-3-3 voltage fluctuation and flicker.
  • The home use equipment needs 10 V/m, 80 MHz to 1 GHz immunity.

Equipment installed in an aircraft or an ambulance

  • Additional testing per ISO 7137 and CISPR 25 applies.

For an EUT with auto ranging power supply

  • Most tests are required to be performed at one nominal voltage only.
  • Only voltage interruptions need to be performed at maximum and minimum voltage if the rated voltage range is >25% of lowest rated input voltage.

Immunity Test Levels

Immunity test levels increase:
• The range of testing for radiated immunity harmonized up to 2.7GHz (up from 2.5GHz in the 3rd edition)
• Magnetic immunity at 30A/m
• Conducted immunity at 6V in ISM bands
• ESD at 8kV contact and 15kV air (up from 6kV and 8kV in the 3rd edition)
• Voltage dips and interruptions at additional phase angles

In addition to these Immunity changes:
• Immunity levels harmonized with IEC 60601-1-11
• Immunity testing now follows the same port-by-port convention of the IEC 61000-6 series of Generic EMC standards
• Immunity to proximity fields from RF wireless communications equipment is now included, and is based on a minimum separation distance of 30cm
• There is a procedure for continuing to test a product that is damaged by an immunity test signal

And risk management is expanded:

  • Manufacturers will be required to submit a test plan and the risk analysis document before testing
    • Operating modes are based on risk analysis
    • Reasonably foreseeable electromagnetic disturbances (Annex F) shall be taken into account in the risk management process
    • The risk management process is used to determine whether subsystem testing is allowed
    • The minimum separation distance are considered in the risk management process
    • Reduced test levels (e.g. based on the intended use of the product) must be justified in the risk management file


CLICK HERE to go to MEGA’s Website


 Fath’s New Height Adjustable 4 & 5 Axis Monitor Stands


DESCRIPTION Ready-to use monitor support with flanged fixation plate for attaching on vertical or horizontal aluminum profiles;
(vertically) pivotable 360°;
for monitors with standard VESA Connection (VESA 75 and 100);
adjustable load 2 – 10 kg
MATERIAL Mounting plate VESA, removable: Steel / plastics
Monitor support: Die-cast aluminum
Cable management cover: Plastics
Bearing washers and sleeves: Plastics
Assembly flange: Die-cast aluminum
Assembly adapter: Die-cast aluminum
Screws: Steel
SURFACE Mounting plate VESA, removable: Laquered
Monitor support: Laquered
Assembly flange: Laquered
Assembly adapter: Laquered
Screws: Zinc plated
COLOR Mounting plate VESA, removable: Alu color / black
Monitor support: Alu color
Cable management cover: Black
Bearing washers and sleeves: Black
Assembly flange: Alu color
Assembly adapter: Alu color
SET 1 mounting plate VESA inclusive 4 screws – M4 x 12, cross slot
1 monitor support 4-axis with cable management cover
1 assembly flange
1 assembly screw DIN 6912 – M8 x 25
1 assembly adapter
2 assembly screws DIN 6912 – M8 x 16
1 hexagon key, SW 3
1 hexagon key, SW 4

For More Information on the 4-Axis & 5-Axis CLICK HERE

EMT Now Representing Wall Industries in Eastern Canada-

Wall Industries offers standard, modified-standard (semi-custom) and fully custom power supply and converter design capabilities. Converter and power supply designs and products fall in line with industry specific manufacturing and design standards including: Cisper specifications, UL60601-1 and Mil-Std-1275 for Military Vehicle standards, to name a few.


Wall prides themselves in their ability to modify standard power devices and deliver high-performing custom power solutions in the quantities you require. With complete design and engineering services, short turn-around times and a genuine eagerness to help you, should you get to know Wall better?


(Click on any icon below to learn more about that particular industry products)

 Radiall’s New Microwave Power Dividers up to 26.5 GHz

At Radiall, Simplification is our Innovation.

Radiall’s new offer of coaxial power dividers is perfectly suited for integration in systems that require power division or combination of radio frequency signals.

Designed for military systems like airborne/ground radar and instrumentation equipment (RF bench test), this new range of products offers high RF performance in terms of VSWR, maximum power and admissible phase. The range is MIL STD202 compliant and highly robust in order to provide reliable environmental performance. This offer provides a full range of power dividers that includes:

  • 220 MHz to 26.5 GHz frequency available
  • Octave band & wide band
  • 2/3/4/6/8 ways
  • SMA female connectors
  • Possibility to use as power combiner (Wilkinson design)
  • Customization available on demand

The coaxial divider range is part of Radiall’s global Test & Measurement offer which includes high performance switches, Test Pro cable assemblies, and platinum terminations and attenuators.


Click her to learn more

 Pentair / Schroff Presentas Schroff CAD Program




 EMT Now Representing Stock Drive Products in Michigan

SDP/SI is a leading manufacturer of small mechanical components and assemblies, servicing a wide variety of industries. Quotes, Online Orders, and 3D CAD models are available on their updated e-stores for each of their brands:

StockDrive Products / Sterling Instruments

QTC Metric Gears

Quality Bearings and Components

Stock Drive offers over 100,000 power transmission components, including gears, belt and chain drives, shafts, shaft accessories, bearings, couplings, universal joints, vibration mounts, miscellaneous components, hardware, gear heads and speed reducers, right angle drives, brakes and clutches, motors and gear mounts.

Tech-Etch’s New Photo Etched Fine MicroEtch® Screens-

MicroEtch® Screens are manufactured by Tech-Etch using photo-etching or photo chemical milling technology. Unlike stamping, photo-etching yields a burr-free product resulting in cleaner more efficient screens with greater material integrity. These superior quality screens feature tighter tolerance hole sizes and greater dimensional stability than woven wire mesh, which makes them ideal in applications requiring frequent cleaning or in devices where there is mechanical contact.

Unlike woven wire mesh screens, the fixed photo-etched opening will not change through use. Photo-etching also enables designers to specify a conical hole, which facilitates liquid filtration and back flow cleaning.

Typical Applications of MicroEtch® Screens are filters used in the medical market, hydraulic valve screens, fuel filters, laser light filter, extruding screens, as well as particle separation and sizing. These tight tolerance screens are primarily produced from Stainless steel, but other materials are available.

For more information Click Here.



Radiall’s First Aerospace QuickMating Connector Range-

Designed for in-line disconnect applications on commercial aircrafts and business jets, QM series is the first aerospace QuickMating connector range. The QM series is widely used in today’s market due to its compact design, quick installation features and high aerospace performance.

This solution provides the following to EWIS systems:

-Time saving with a tool-less connector

-Weight savings with a composite connector mounted on a unique rail system

-Cost effectiveness with a limited number of components through the use of EPX™ contacts and a versatile range of modular inserts


QM series is available in several shell formats- QM size A and size B, in order to optimize density and weight in the wiring system. QM shells also allow easy installation with a unique range of mounting device, this range includes stand alone devices and single and double sided rails.

The combination of reduced weight, compact size and intelligent and intuitive design create an ultra light connection requiring only fingertips for quick and easy connector mating. With the flexibility of EPX™ series parts combined with the innovation of QM series, customers receive a cost effective and user friendly solution.


For more info Click Here



EMT Now Representing Optinova-


Optinova is a world leaders in precision extrusion of tubing for medical applications. Examples for medical include fluoropolymer extrusions and a wide variety of thermoplastics. Optinova also specializes in industrial applications. Examples for extruded tubing solutions range from the smallest tubes in electrical and automotive industries, to large diameter chemically inert tubes used in production industry.

Extrusion Capabilities:

Precision extrusion for the medical device industry, with tight tolerances and diameter range from “as thin as it get” to 12mm. The excellent production in clean-room facilities, or controlled environment, is a prerequisite for Optinova being a trusted partner when delivering components and products for medical applications.


*Fluropolymers and thermoplastic fluropolymers

*Thermoplastic polymer and elastomers



Industrial Capabilities & Products

-Anti-static (PTFE & PFA)

-Striped PTFE

-Printed PTFE

-Fabricated Tubing


-Heat Shrink

-NSF Approved Tubing

-UL Certified Tubing



To learn more about Optinova Click Here


PEM TY-D Self-Clinching Cable Tie Mounts and Hooks-

Learn more about some of the new and innovative products we represent.

PEM® TY-D® Self-Clinching cable tie-mounts and hooks create secure metal attachment points for mounting wires and cables to electronic chassis or enclosures. The hardware installs quickly and reliably in thin steel or aluminum panels, eliminates any need for screws or adhesives and can be positioned permanently at specified locations and angles to promote optimized layouts. On the reverse side of hardware installation, panels remain smooth without protrusions to enhance the appearance of an assembly, maintain clearance requirements, and protect against potential EMI / RFI interference or contamination of electronics by dirt or dust.

PEM® TY-D® hardware includes TD™ cable tie-mounts and TDO™ hooks. Both types are RoHS compliant and offered in several sizes for installation in metal panels as thin a .040″ / 1.02mm and as thick as .125″ / 3.18mm.

TD™ tie-mounts allow users to slide ties easily through the hardware’s “eye” for fast cable mounting. TDO™ hooks enable users to attach, remove, and return tie-bundled wires at their mounting points when components need to be accessed for service or when wires or cables must be replaced. The hook feature allows ties to remain intact and wires to remain wrapped.


For detailed specs and performance details, fastener drawings, and models Click Here


Insul-Fab’s Interface Materials-

With increased miniaturization of electronic components and increased circuit density, today’s electronics generate more heat than ever, and this trend continues at a rapid pace. Typical examples included handheld computing equipment, user interface devices, medical and lighting devices, and power inverters. The basic solution is to transfer heat from the heat source to a frame, chassis, heat sink or other type of heat spreader for diffusion. The important material property is thermal conductivity, which enables heat and energy transfer. But ease of installation and rework are also important considerations.

The Problem-

If heat is not carried away from an electronic device, the reliability and operational lifetime of the component can be significantly reduced. Heat sinks and fans are standard mechanical solutions, but interface materials between the heat source and the heat sink can play a significant role in efficiently removing heat as well. There are several different types of materials than can be used, based upon the application. Thermal greases, glues and adhesives are one set of solutions. However, they can be messy and difficult to apply. Also, they often yield inconsistent results based upon the variability in their application.

The Solution-

Often referred to as Thermal Gap Pads, these flexible sheet products are typically made of silicone based materials with fillers. They vary in thickness and other dimensions in order to be precisely fit between the heat producing device (e.g. the heat source) and the heat dissipation device (e.g. the heat sink) Due to dimensional stability of these solid materials, they can provide a more consistent, measurable solution over their more viscous counterparts. Due to their compressibility, they offer complete surface-to-surface contact.


For more information: Click Here


TE Connectivity introduces Single Wall, Flame Retardant Heat Shrink Tubing-

TE SWFR single wall heat shrink tubing is offered in two very flexible types. X2 is a thin wall tubing, and X4 is a very thin wall tubing. The thicker wall of the X2 offers better protection, while the space-saving thinner wall of the X4 permits denser packing of protected components and a faster shrink time to better protect against thermal damage of temperature-sensitive components.


Both types are halogen free, permitting their use in enclosed spaces where toxic gasses from burning materials containing halogens are undesirable. SWFR heat shrink tubing’s high degree of flame retardancy allows it to carry UL VW-1 and CSA OFT flammability ratings.



  • High flame-retardant, it is an excellent candidate for applications in appliances, motor vehicles, commercial electronics, and consumer electronics given the increased focus on consumer safety.
  • Environmentally friendly. Emits minimal amounts of toxic or acidic gasses when burned, making it appropriate for use in enclosed areas.
  • Electrically insulates and mechanically protects components and other electrical connections and termination.
  • Low shrink temperatures permits quick installation and reduces the risk of damage to temperature-sensitive components. The X2 thin wall version shrinks quickly, and the X4 very thin wall version can shrink more than twice as fast as the X2.
  • With sizes from 0.8mm to 30mm and two different wall thicknesses, this very flexible tubing is suitable for use in a range of applications.


For more product information Click Here

Tech-Etch Releases Flexible & Rigid Flex Circuits-

Flexible Circuits – 

High reliability, thin and light weight flexible interconnect for critical applications.

  • Adhesive and Adhesiveless Base Materials
  • Thin Copper 5um and Up
  • Fine Line / High Density Circuits
  • Laser Drilled Microvias
  • Laser Direct Imaging
  • Multilayer
  • Window Leads
  • SMT Component Assembly
  • UL Recognized


Rigid Flex Circuits –

Combination of Printed Circuit Board and Flex Circuit in one package for improved reliability through reduced interconnects

  • Increased Reliability
  • Maximizes 3 Dimensional Space
  • Higher Component Density
  • Supports Leadless SMT Packages
  • UL Recognized
  • Up to 8 Layers
  • Via Fill
  • Legend Printings
  • High Tg / Td Material

Tech-Etch Rigid Flex Information




Check out Radiall’s NEW Website-

Discover the new

The new simplified design is guaranteed to help you find the products and resources you need with fewer clicks and better results than ever.


Now the fastest online connector resource fits right in your pocket. Check out the responsive design that can now go everywhere you go. Use your mobile device or tablet to experiecne the upgrade and access product information anywhere, anytime.


An update has been made to our user tools. Visit the resources menu on the website to explore the Radiall Product Finder, Document Library, Distributor Inventory, Cross Reference Tool, and our RoHS Compliance Status tools.

User tools can also be found on all product pages. For example, on the Mulitpin Aerospace Connectors page you can find the Multipin Connectors Full Line Catalog, Product Finder, Cross Reference Tool, and links to the Multipin Aerospace Connectors sub categories.


New product tutorial videos have been released. Check out these new videos here and check back as they are constantly creating new content.

MEGA Electronics Introduces the World’s First Locking Rewireable C13 IEC Connector-

Designed to guard against accidental disconnection of computers, PDUs, servers and most network devices, the new IEC Lock adds additional flexibility and ease of use, as well a LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) compatibility, to its list of features.

The beautifully straightforward high-visibility locking mechanism is combined with a simple release mechanism which allows for disconnection from all sides. Ideal as a retrofit solution, it requires no other equipment or special inlets to secure it, simply plug it into an appliace as you would a standard IEC lead. The red cage release mechanism also marks the connector out from standard IEC leads to allow maintenance and other data center staff to identify critical power sources.

Its slim design means it can easily be implememnted in areas where access is limited and ease of removal is of paramount importance. Its LSZH attribute is cruicial for critical applications in military, broadcast, transportation and data centers.


For more information on the IEC Lock product range Click Here

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