Our Product Lines - Wisconsin.



  • Abatek
    Silicone Key Pads
  • Black Diamond
    Distributor of Mechanical Hardware
  • Douglas
    Overlays, Decals, Graphic Products, Membrane Switches
  • Fath
    Latching and Hinge Technology
  • Federal Mogul
    Sleeving to Protect Substrate from Abrasion, Heat, EMI, Vibration and Acoustics
  • Hutchinson EP
    Custom Gaskets & Seals, Molding & Engineering Services
  • Insul-Fab
    Die Cut Components, Shielding Laminates
  • Jonathan
    Ball Bearing Slides & Slide Assemblies
  • Larsen & Shaw
    Standard and Custom Continuous Hinges and Metal Stampings
  • Moog
    Slip Rings, Motors, Drives, Fiber Optic Modems & Rotary Joints, Resolvers/Synchros, Actuators, Integrated Mechanisms, Air Moving Products, Alternators, Avionics Instruments, Multiplexers, Printed Circuit Boards
  • Omnetics
    High speed Strip, Circular & Rectangular Connectors & Connector Assemblies
  • Optinova
    Precision Medical and Industrial Extrusion Tubing
  • Radiall
    RF Coaxial Connectors, Multi-pin Connectors, RF & Microwave Switches, RF Cable Assemblies, Microwave Components, Fiber Optic Interconnect, Antenna
  • Pentair / Schroff®
    Electronic Cabinets, Desktop Cases/Enclosures, Subracks, Front Panels, Fetainers, Embedded Systems and Backplanes
  • PSC Thermal Solutions
    Axial Fans, Blowers, Impellers, Heat Sinks, Heat Pipes, Vapor Chambers, and Cold Plates
  • Stock Drive Products / Sterling
    Mechanical Drive Components
  • Tech-Etch
    EMI/RFI Gaskets, Flexible Printed Circuits, Photo-Etched Components
  • TE Connectivity (Tyco/Raychem)
    Heat-shrink Tubing, Identification Products, Wire & Cable, Interconnect Accessories

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